How To Create a DVD Cover For Your Digital Product


If you are selling digital products online, then there‘s a time that you need to create a DVD cover for your audio or video product. Although you can ask a designer to have it done for you, this may not be the best option if you‘re just starting out.

Today we will create a DVD cover that you can use on your Digital Products; we will start everything from scratch. I hope you‘re ready.

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  • Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5 (lower version will do)
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Estimated Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

What We Will Create Today

DVD Cover

Sources Used:

  1. Bebas Font

Step 1

Open your canvas CTRL + N and set the size to 450px by 350px.


Grab your Rounded Rectangular Tool (U), on your menu set the radius to 3px.


Step 2

Create a book-like shape like the one below.

In Layers Palette, Right Click > Blending Options > Inner Glow, set the color to #fbfbfb and size to 1px.

In Gradient Overlay, copy the colors below and hit OK.

Stroke size is 1px, color #000000.

Step 3

Create a new layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N) name this one cover-body. Fill it with #ff9208. Filter > Noise > add Noise and select 1px.

Step 4

Create a new layer, name light layer. Grab Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and draw a circle, fill this one with #ffffff.

Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set it on 10% hit OK, experiment with layers Opacity. You should have the same image as below.

I added some text, I use Bebas 23pt color is #fffffff.

Step 5

On text layer‘s Drop Shadow, set the color to #ac5f0f distance and size set to 1px.

You‘ll have something like the one below. I added a new text; I use Arial 13pt Regular #e07a05.

Step 6

Drop Shadow‘s Blend Mode is set to normal, color #ffffff and distance and size is set to 1px.

Inner Shadow‘s color is set to #e17f0f and distance, size are set to 1px as well.

Step 7

Now on Stroke, set the size to 1px and color is #ffffff, Opacity 10%.

You‘ll have something like this one; notice the sunken effect on the text.

Step 8

Now create a new layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N), name this one ribbon. Grab your Marquee Tool (M) and draw a rectangle same as below.

Fill it with color (it doesn‘t matter what color) and press CTRL + T and rotate it like the one below.

Now, hold CTRL and click cover-body layer and hit CTRL + SHIFT + I. After that, hit delete key on your keyboard.

It will delete the excess part on the cover-body layer. Neat trick

Step 9

On Inner Glow, color is #ffffff, size is 1px the rest are default.

In Gradient Color Settings, copy the colors below and hit OK.


Follow the Gradient Settings as shown below.

Step 10

On Stroke, set the size to 1px and color #8bb148.

This is what we have so far, but we‘re close!

Step 11

I added some text; I use Bebas 18pt color #fffffff.

Step 12

In Drop Shadow, set the color to 8cb149; distance and size to 1px.


DVD Disc

Step 13

We are done with the DVD cover, now it‘s time to create the DVD Disc. Grab your Ellipse Tool (U) and hold SHIFT while dragging your mouse to get a perfect circle. Name the layer dvd-body.

Step 14

Select Inner Glow and set the color to #fffffff and size to 1px.

Gradient color settings just copy the one above and hit OK.

Gradient Overlay settings, Reverse and select Reflected on style.

In Stroke, change the color to #9e590a and size to 1px.

Step 15

Create a new circle, same step as above. Name this layer as 2nd circle. This will make our disc more realistic.

Step 16

Right Click on dvd-body layer and select copy layer style, go to your newly created circle (2nd circle) and right click > paste copy style layer. Saves us a lot of time

Step 17

Create another small circle, name this layer hole. Hold CTRL + Left Click the 2nd circle layer and press Delete.

In our hole layer, select Drop Shadow color #ffffff and distance & size to 1px.

Step 18

On Inner Shadow, color #000000, distance and size to 1px.

Now we have this clean disc image, looking good!

Step 19

Duplicate the text on the cover and change the color to #e3830c. Copy the layer style of the “Step by Step guide“ text and paste it on the text (the one on the disc, remember?) that we are working on. Right Click > Rasterize this will convert the text into an image; now Rotate the image (CTRL + T).

Step 20

Hold CTRL + Click and CTRL + J, and then press delete. You should have a 2 layer of text image; name this layer text-inside. We will duplicate the image text inside the 2nd layer and style it.

Step 21

On our text-inside layer, change the color on Drop Shadow; same with distance and size.

Inner Shadow‘s color #535353 and distance, size change to 1px.

Stroke‘s color #fecb8d and size to 1px.

Step 22

And we are done with the disc! Just to add some shadow detail, grab Marquee Tool (M) and draw a thin rectangle below the DVD cover.

In Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur set it to 10% and your opacity to 40%. This will make the cover float!

And we are done! Creating a DVD Cover wasn‘t hard after all; this is really helpful if you are selling online like E-books, Coaching videos and other Internet Marketing Products which I am not familiar with.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, as much as I did! Keep experimenting with colors, textures and Blending Options to achieve the effect that you want.



  1. Judging from the final image one may think this would take a couple of hours to learn, but after going through the tutorial that’s only when you find out that you have mastered this within a very short time frame. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I may not like the color of the cover but the detailed flow of the tutorial is interesting. It will be helpful for sure. :)

  3. I always searched for how to make a dvd cover for your own digital products and the tutorials i found were not so simple like this displayed here it helped me a lot. Thanks for this share.


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