29 Smashing Water Marble Nails


Water marble nails are a bit of complex design in the world of nail art. Some ladies love water marble nail art, and others hate it. This design can be quite tricky to master for some, while others see it as a super-easy way to get an awesome mani in no time.

The success (or failure) of a water marble nail design depends on a number of factors. Most nail art ladies agree that the water that you drip the nail polish into has a lot to do with the success of your design. Room temperature water is typically best for water marble nails, for instance. Some ladies add a few drops of acetone to the water, and others even go as far as using distilled water for water marble designs.

Even more important than the water used to create water marble nails, though, is the nail polish itself. Thinner nail polish generally works better and spreads across the top of the water better than thick or gloppy polish.

One of the great things about water marble nails is the sheer number of beautiful combinations you can come up with. Check out some of these water marble nails if you need a little inspiration for your next water marble mani…

1. Red and Black Water Marble Nails

The contrast between the red and black polishes in this swirly water marble mani is a little dark and a little sultry.

water marble nailsImage Source

2. Yellow and Black Water Marble Nail Art

For a bright and fun water marble nail design, use black and yellow. Looks a little like a bumblebee!

water marble nailsImage Source

3. Rainbow Water Marble Nails

Incorporating almost every color of the rainbow into your water marble nails makes for a super colorful and fun nail art design!

water marble nailsImage Source

4. Pink and Black Water Marble

The black in these water marble nails really makes the bright pink color really pop!

water marble nailsImage Source

5. Metallic Pink and Black Water Marble

The shimmery pink in these water marble nails adds a nice feminine contrast to the black polish.

water marble nailsImage Source

6. Green Water Marble Nail Design

If you’re looking for a unique green nail art design, using a dark and light shade of green for your water marble nails can look gorgeous!

water marble nailsImage Source

7. Pastel Water Marble Nail Art

Light, subdued shades of pink, purple, and yellow make a sweet and feminine water marble nail design, and this one is perfect for Easter!

water marble nailsImage Source

8. Flower Water Marble Nail Design

With a little creative maneuvering, you can even create a fun flower design on your water marble nails!

water marble nailsImage Source

9. Patriotic Water Marble Nails

Need a patriotic nail design? Choose red, white, and blue for your water marble nails!

water marble nailsImage Source

10. Black and White Swirl Water Marble

These black and white swirl water marble nails are definitely eye-catching and sure to get a few compliments!

water marble nailsImage Source

11. Silver and Black Water Marble Nails

If it’s a little shimmer you’re craving, try silver and black water marble nail design.

water marble nailsImage Source

12. Black and Gold Water Marble Nail Design

A glittery gold polish, however, can give your fingertips an amazing luxurious look when paired with black!

water marble nailsImage Source

13. Lengthwise Stripe Water Marble

Dragging the polish just right can create a chevron-like design and give the illusion of extra length when placed on the nails lengthwise.

water marble nailsImage Source

14. Christmas Water Marble

Combining red and green polishes in your water marble nails can be festive and put you in the spirit for the holidays!


water marble nailsImage Source

15. Water Marble Flame Nails

Create a fun flame nail art design with water marble nails using red, orange, yellow, and black nail polish!

water marble nailsImage Source

16. Water Marble Accent Nail

You don’t have to have a whole handful of water marble nails for an amazing effect; one water marble accent nail looks stunning, especially when paired with a gradient using the same colors.

water marble nailsImage Source

17. Water Marble and Polka Dot Nails

Strategically placed polka dots on water marble nails can add a fun pop of color and turn a great nail art design into a smashing design!

water marble nailsImage Source

18. Polka Dot Flower Water Marble

Add a couple of polka dot flowers to your water marble nails for a super pretty design that looks like it took forever to do!

water marble nailsImage Source

19. Rhinestone Water Marble Nail Art

Rhinestones can really dress up some water marble nails!

water marble nailsImage Source

20. Studded Water Marble Nails

Studs can also be added to water marble nail art for a little added detail.

water marble nailsImage Source

21. Glitter Accented Water Marble

Use a thin nail brush to add some stunning silver accents to really make your water marble nail design pop!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

22. Water Marble Over Glitter

A white water marble design looks pretty amazing over a gorgeous glitter polish!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

23. Chevron Water Marble Design

Homemade water marble decals make for an interesting chevron nail art design!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

24. French Tip Water Marble

Water marble nail art can really look pretty amazing on just the tips of the nails.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

25. Dripping Water Marble Nails

Add a dripping nail art design to water marble nails for an unexpected and interesting surprise.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

26. Heart Water Marble Nail Art

With a little patience, you can drag the nail polish on top of the water into a heart design.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

27. Watermelon Water Marble Nails

Some black rhinestones turn these pink and green water marbled nails into some wicked cool watermelon nails for summer!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

28. Microbead Water Marble Nails

The addition of microbeads and rhinestones can add an interesting look and texture to water marbled nails.

anatomical jewelryImage Source

29. Water Marble Beach Scene

A cute painted tropical island transforms blue water marbled nails into an awesome beach scene!

anatomical jewelryImage Source

Water marble nails can be a little difficult to create, especially if it’s your first time. As with most things, however, practice makes perfect. Try different techniques and find something that works for you.

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