14 Sexy and Sultry Fishnet Nail Art Designs


Looking for some awesome sultry and sexy nail art designs to try? Fishnet nails might be just the thing!

Fishnet nail art designs are reminiscent of sexy sheer fishnet stockings. They also have quite an interesting and unique design to them and can be created in a myriad of different color combinations. Probably the easiest way to create fishnet nail art is by using a nail art stamper with a fishnet design plate. However, fishnet nail art can also be painted freehand or added with thin nail striping tape. Embellishments like rhinestones and nail art studs can also add some nice pizzazz to your fishnet design!

Not sure where to start? Check out these fishnet nails for a little inspiration!

1. Gradient Gray Fishnet Nails

A gray to black gradient makes an awesome background for some black fishnet nails!

fishnet nailsImage Source

2. Black Tipped Fishnet Nail Design

Figuring out how to end a fishnet nail art design can be a bit tricky, but this black tipped design nailed it!

fishnet nailsImage Source

3. Lace and Fishnet Nail Art

A lacy pattern makes these awesome fishnet nails a little sexier and a lot sweeter!

fishnet nailsImage Source

4. Fishnet Nail Tips

If you don’t want to go full on fishnet nails, you can always cover just the tips of the nails in a fishnet design for a unique and creative look!

fishnet nailsImage Source

5. Pink Fishnet Nails

Use a black fishnet nail design on pink nails for a feminine yet edgy look.

fishnet nailsImage Source

6. Pink and Black Diagonal Fishnet Nail Design

These pink and black fishnet nails have an added diagonal black design to make them stand out from the crowd a bit!

fishnet nailsImage Source

7. Red and Black Fishnet Nail Art

Check out these super hot red and black fishnet nails!

fishnet nailsImage Source

8. Polka Dot Fishnet Nails

These cute fishnet nails can easily be recreated with a small nail dotting tool and carefully placed dots of polish.

fishnet nailsImage Source

9. Purple Fishnet Nails

Purple gradient nails and a black fishnet design mix beautifully on these nails!

fishnet nailsImage Source

10. Nail Striping Tape Fishnet Design

Nail striping tape can also be used to create a fishnet nail art design.

fishnet nailsImage Source

11. Polka Dot and Fishnet Nail Design

Add some cute polka dots to your fishnet nails for an awesome eye popping mani!

fishnet nailsImage Source

12. Fishnet and Rose Nail Art

How sweet and sultry are these rose and fishnet nails?!

fishnet nailsImage Source

13. Outlined Silver Fishnet Nail Design

Outline fishnet nails for a modern, trendy little twist.

fishnet nailsImage Source

14. Heart Fishnet Nails

Red and white fishnet hearts in the middle of glossy black nails are definitely pretty awesome!

fishnet nailsImage Source

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