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Nail Art Brushes and Their Uses: A Beginner’s Guide

Doing your own nail art is such a rewarding and fun experience. Plus, it's a great way to express...

Are Nail Polish Fumes Bad for You? Here’s How To Tell

At this time and age, the nail industry is booming with support from all around the world. But did...

15 Clear Nails With Glitter Designs

Worn by many people and commonly referred to as acrylics, clear nails are a great fashion statement and look...

20 Tropical Nail Designs For 2017

Nothing screams fun quite like tropical nail designs, with their bright colors and beachey themes, they are a hit...

30 Shellac Nail Designs

Shellac Nail Designs are not only completely smudge proof, but they are also very long lasting. Since re-painting your nails...

30 Pointy Nail Designs

Often referred to as stiletto nails, pointy nails are a growing trend, worn by many different celebrities. Though they...
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10 Fun Nail Designs For Little Girls!

Does your daughter or niece love getting their nails done? Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes...

15 Sunflower Nail Designs for Summer and Beyond

Summer is the time for sun and fun! Summer nails should be bright, cheerful, and colorful. Flowers are a...

25 Easy Nail Art Designs That Look Amazing

Painted nails are pretty, but sometimes plain colors can get a little boring. All of those amazing nail art...

14 Sexy and Sultry Fishnet Nail Art Designs

Looking for some awesome sultry and sexy nail art designs to try? Fishnet nails might be just the thing! Fishnet...

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