15 Clear Nails With Glitter Designs


Worn by many people and commonly referred to as acrylics, clear nails are a great fashion statement and look best with glitter designs. In addition to their overall beauty and uniqueness, clear nails with glitter are extremely easy for salons to design, and there are also a lot of DIY ideas available online.

How To Properly Apply Glitter Nail Polish

Applying glitter nail polish can be intimidating- and we totally get that. Even though you’re not working with bold colors, you still wouldn’t want to make mistakes. It’s not fun to have glitters in places where they’re not supposed to be.

To help you master the art of glitter nail polish application, below is a quick guide you can use.

What You’ll Need

Base coat

Liquid latex

Makeup sponge

Glitter polish

Top Coat

The Steps

Don’t worry. The process is quite easy. Even if you don’t see yourself as a pro, you can definitely do it with ease.


Step 1: Apply the base coat

A base coat helps protect your nails against damage. Plus, it helps keep your nail design last as long as possible.

Step 2: Apply the liquid latex

Paint the area around the skin. Liquid latex helps make sure that your skin doesn’t end up being covered in glitter when you do the next steps.

Step 3: Paint a corner of your makeup sponge

Take your favorite glitter polish and apply a generous amount to the corner of your makeup sponge

Step 4: Dab the makeup sponge onto your nails.

You can go as light or as heavy as you want. Go over your nails as many times as necessary to get the coverage you need.

Step 5: Peel off the liquid latex

This step helps get rid of any stray sparkles around your nails.

Step 6: Apply the top coat.

Once you’re done with one nail, repeat the steps with the rest.

For inspiration, check out these beautiful clear nail glitter ideas below.

1. Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color Sparkly Gray Kaleidoscope


The shade (gray shimmer) is lovely and lasts longer than other solo pedicures. I can get by with two coats, or even one if I’m in a rush, without using a base or top coat since the coverage is so amazing. I haven’t seen any discoloration on my nails, and it’s easy to remove.

2. Orly Nail Lacquer, Turn it Up


This is really a fun topper, as the name implies! With funnel cakes and ring throw activities, it reminds me of a carnival. After brushing it on, I dabbed with the brush once or twice to attempt to put a few of the bigger particles a little more strategically, and it worked well.

3. Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer Glitters


I assumed it was a different color from the one my pedi salon used. This one is even more impressive. The way the glitter reflects the light is incredible. My nails are greasy, and even designer lacquer doesn’t last more than two or three days on them. On day 5, I touched up one chip only.

4. Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Polish, Mermaid Parade


It takes a few coats to get to the color it looks in the bottle (I’d guess 3 or 4), but it is absolutely nice once it’s on. While I’ve had this on my toes for a few days without a top-coat, the color is quite similar to the picture provided, and it’s held up really nicely. It’s fun, doesn’t chip, and goes with everything.

5. essie Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Silver Glitter


Since a number of manicure shops have closed, I’ve begun doing my own nails. I used dip acrylic for the tips, painted them pink, and added some Essie glitter as an accent nail. It is fantastic, blingy and gleaming. There’s a lot of glitter on each swipe, and there are no complaints. For over two weeks, it did not budge.

15 Clear Glitter Nail Designs

Below is a list of 15 designs, dedicated to showcasing the wide range of possibilities that exist for those in need of clear glitter nails.

1. Clear Stiletto Nails With Glitter

Very beautiful and also very pointy, these stiletto nails are a perfect example of just how great acrylic nails can look with some nice, sparkly glitter.

Clear Stiletto Nails With Glitter

2. Clear Nails With Yellow and Silver Glitter

A beautiful color combination, great for all occasions and for showing off your nails to friends!

Clear Nails With Yellow and Silver Glitter

3. Blue Glitter Strips and Melon Nail Polish

As seen here, glitter stripes are another great way of spicing up your nails. They are easy to implement, and great for those who are sick and tired of routine glitter designs. The melon polish (used on the nails below) also helps to make them very unique.

Blue Glitter Stripes and Melon Nail Polish

4. Silver Glitter With A Solid White Line

A very common glitter pattern that often comes with french manicures. Fortunately, since you can change up both of the colors, this design will never bore you!

Silver Glitter With A Solid White Line

5. Yellow Glitter Tipped Nails With Purple Flowers

For those looking to add some extra features to their glittery nail designs, flowers are certainly a great choice!

Yellow Glitter Tipped Nails With Purple Flowers

6. Iridescent Glitter With Purely Pink Acrylic Powder

Iridescent glitter (for obvious reasons) is one of the most common glitter types, allowing for both large and tiny sparkles to be seen all throughout the design.

Iridescent Glitter With Purely Pink Acrylic Powder

7. Some Very Complex Acrylic Nails With Swirly Purple Glitter

Though most clear nail glitter designs are easy to do, there are some that tend to be difficult..

Some Very Complex Purple Nails With Swirly Purple Glitter

8. Multi-Colored Glitter

They might be a little much for important meetings or to wear around the office, however, they do look great.

Multi-Colored Glitter

9. Clear Nails With A Basic Silver Glitter Design

Proven by the picture below, sometimes even the simplest design ideas look the best!

Clear Nails With A Basic Silver Glitter Design

10. Acrylic Nails With Black Tips and Clear Gel Nail Powder

Though these may look complex, they are really not too difficult to pull off. In fact, by just acquiring some clear gel nail powder, black polish, and glitter, you too could sport this pretty design.

Acrylic Nails With Black Tips and Clear Gel Nail Powder

11. Basic Clear Nails With Shiny Red Glitter

Though this is a rather basic design, it is sure to make a great impression, it is very easy to do, and it can be worn on any occasion.

Basic Clear Nails With Shiny Red Glitter

12. Clear and White Nails With Silver Glitter

It looks amazing, and is another great option for those looking to change up their designs from time to time.

Clear and White Nails With Silver Glitter

13. Pink Gel Polish With A Nice Gold Glitter Lace

Though it may be hard to see, these clear nails do actually have some glitter on them..

Pink Gel Polish With A Nice Gold Glitter Lace

14. Purple and Silver Glitter With Some Nail Jewels

Instead of keeping your clear glitter nails basic or adding floral patterns, you can always spice things up with some pretty nail jewels.

Purple and Silver Glitter With Nail Jewels

15. Clear and Grey Nails With Some Golden Glitter Stripes

Very unique, and quite possibly the most beautiful design on the entire list!

Clear and Grey Nails With Some Golden Glitter Stripes


As previously mentioned, not only do these designs look great, but they are extremely easy to implement. Therefore, whether you plan on going to a salon or doing your nails yourself, you too can be seen with the great designs above.


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