30 Pointy Nail Designs


Often referred to as stiletto nails, pointy nails are a growing trend, worn by many different celebrities. Though they may not be suitable for all occasions due to their extreme point, stiletto nails are fun to wear and can turn into a hobby as well. Whether you are looking for a solid color or a complex design for your pointy stiletto nails, the list below should certainly give you a few ideas.

1. Hot Pink

Serving as possibly the most popular pointy, stiletto nail color, hot pink is a great choice for all occasions. Not only does this color stick out well, but it is also easy to find online or in-store.

Hot Pink

2. Black Sparkle

Also commonly referred to as Black Glitter, these nails aren’t too flashy, and often require a close look for their true beauty to be noticed.

Black Sparkle

3. Swirl

In addition to the design seen below, many other swirl variations can be implemented. In fact, some people even go as far as to swirl each finger differently.


4. Religious

While some people just stick with solid colors, others try to express their religion.


5. Solid Gold

Nothing screams royalty quite like solid gold!

Solid Gold

6. Peach

Almost like nude colored nails, but a just few shades lighter.


7. Full Glitter

In between solid colors and complex designs, is full glitter.

If you’ve had enough of solid colors, but don’t have quite enough time to incorporate a complex design, full glitter provides a rather happy medium.

Full Glitter

8. Cat Claws

For cat lovers everywhere!

Cat Claws

9. Purple Chrome

Giving purple an added, shiny tint.

Purple Chrome

10. Black and White

Not too much, however, black and white nails do look great.

Black and White

11. Stripes

Fortunately, if you burn yourself out on one stripes design, there are still many more to choose from. Some of the different stripe variations for pointy nails include vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, and multi-colored stripes.


12. Chanel

Believe it or not, many celebrities endorse companies such as Chanel through means of their nails.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 08: Actress/singer Zendaya Coleman arrives at The Grammy Awards: Friends 'N' Family party at Paramount Studios on February 8, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

13. Polka Dotted with a Bow Tie

Polka Dotted is yet another detailed design, often used on pointy stiletto nails. And much like with stripes, there are many different variations that you can go with.

Polka Dotted

14. Bright Yellow

If you are really wanting to show off your pointy nails, but it’s late and the sun is no longer out, then bright yellow is the way to go.

Bright Yellow

15. Extra Long

Using your hands may be somewhat difficult and you may freak a few people out, however, extra long pointy nails are great. Moreover, they come in many different lengths, allowing you to work your way up to the longest set.

Extra Long

16. Matte Black

Similar to flat black, and often worn alongside jewelry, matte black is a great way to show off your simplistic, yet beautiful style.

Matte Black

17. Colorful Fade

While this specific pattern looks somewhat like cotton-candy, colorful fades can be done with almost any two colors.

Colorful Fade

18. Multi-Colored

If you are one of those who can’t decide exactly what color to wear, just wear them all.


19. Jewel-filled

As opposed to painting your nails, you can simply stick on these shining jewels.

Jewel filled

20. Flower Patterned

These easy to stick on floral patterns look great in the summer, and come in many different styles.

Flower Patterned

21. Dark Blue

Though they may appear as a light shade of grey, these nails are actually are dark blue.

Dark Blue

22. Egyptian

Though not all of them come with neat little symbols (like the ones seen below), these nails are a great choice for anyone, Egyptian or not.


23. Pink and White

A truly great color combination. No matter what design you go with, pink and white are bound to look great together.

Pink and White

24. Pastels

These stick-on’s save you the effort of having to paint you nails!


25. Tan

They look somewhat similar to light brown and beige, however, these nails are classified as tan.


26. Leopard print.

Other than zebra, leopard print nails are the most common animal inspired design.

Leopard Print

27. Lime Green

28. All Natural

Wanting your nails to look natural, but also wanting them to be pointy? You’re in luck!


29. Yellow and Grey

Who would have though such a random color combination would look so great!

Yellow and Grey

30. Dark Brown

Another popular choice. Slightly darker than tan and beige.

Dark Brown

No matter what design, pattern, or color you are looking to have on your pointy nails, it can certainly be implemented. In fact, new nail design ideas are thought of every day, making the entire creative process a lot more interesting. Though you may not go with one of the exact designs posted above, this list should certainly give you a great starting point.


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