15 Rockin’ Pink Nail Art Designs


Pink nails are a classic staple for most women. But, the problem with pink nails is that they can get pretty boring, very quickly! The solution? Sort some rockin’ pink nail art, of course!

You can still wear feminine shades of pink on your tips without it looking old fashioned and boring. The trick is to create something awesome with the polish you already have. Good thing there are tons of great nail art designs you can try with pink polish! Take a look…

1. Pink Chevron Nails

Chevron nail designs are hip and trendy right now, and this cute pink nail design is also feminine and sweet!

pink nail artImage Source

2. Pink Heart Nails With Polka Dots

Break up a sea of pink with some cute hearts and black polka dots on a couple of accent nails!

pink nail artImage Source

3. Wide Stripe Pink Heart Nails

The wide stripes make this a pretty cool pink nail art design, and the little hearts add a cute little touch.

pink nail artImage Source

4. Diagonal Pink Nail Art Design

This diagonal pink nail design is simple and easy to do, but it’s also quite eye catching!

pink nail artImage Source

5. Pink Nails With Glitter Tips

Add some glorious sparkle to your pink nails by adding some pink glitter and rhinestones to the tips!

pink nail artImage Source

6. Negative Space Pink Nail Art

Negative space nails are another hot trend right now, and this pink version is a little more subtle and soft than some of the runway nails we’ve seen.

pink nail artImage Source

7. Pink Rose Nail Art

White and pink gradient and pink rose accent nails are siply gorgeous in this pink nail art design!

pink nail artImage Source

8. Pink and Black Glitter Nails

Black glitter contrasts beautifully with the hot pink in these cute heart nails!

pink nail artImage Source

9. Gray Glitter and Pink Nails

A pink triangle and chevron nail design carved into a gray glitter nails looks absolutely splendid!

pink nail artImage Source

10. Hot Pink Glitter Nails

Sometimes all you need for some super sexy pink nail art is a super bright hot pink glitter polish!

pink nail artImage Source

11. Black and Pink Gradient Nail Art

How awesome are these black and hot pink gradient nails?!

pink nail artImage Source

12. Rhinestone and Pink Leopard Print Nails

Because everyone knows that the perfect accompaniment to a leopard print nail design is an array of sparkly rhinestones!

pink nail artImage Source

13. Fishnet and Microbead Nail Art

Placing the tiny nail art microbeads on this pink fishnet nail design must have been time consuming, but the results are totally worth it!

pink nail artImage Source

14. Pink Houndstooth Nails

A pink houndstooth nail art design is so fab, fun, and fashion forward!

pink nail artImage Source

15. Flaming Pink Nail Art

The black flames on these pink nails make this nail art design edgy, yet a little girly at the same time.

pink nail artImage Source

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