15 Easy Nail Art Designs Anyone Can Try

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Easy nail art designs are great for those instances when you just don’t have the time or inclination to take on more complicated nail art designs. Most easy nail art designs can also be recreated by just about anyone, regardless of their artistic ability. The great thing about these simple nail designs, though, is that even the most simple designs can be fabulous enough to look like they take forever to complete!

There are several different design elements you can use to create some easy nail art designs. Polka dots and straight lines are popular nail designs and so easy to paint! Nail art tools and supplies like dotting tools, nail art brushes, and nail striping tape can make easy nail designs even easier and quicker!

Looking for a little inspiration for your own easy nail art designs? Keep scrolling for some awesome ideas!

1. Shades of Gray Gradient Nails

Sometimes an easy nail art design requires nothing more than different hues of one color on each nail, going from darkest to lightest. A glitter accent nail adds some gorgeous sparkle!

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2. Pink Polka Dot Heart Nail Art

Using polka dots to create a heart makes an awesome and easy nail art design for any lady!

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3. Outlined Studded Nails

Outlined nails are very easy to paint, and adding studs gives these simple nails a little something extra.

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4. Offset Outlined Nails

Offset outlined nails make for an interesting twist on regular outlined nails!

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5. Easy Orange and Blue Nail Art

Simple color block nails with orange and blue polish looks even more stunning with a gold glitter stripe separating the two colors.

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6. Rhinestone Pink Nails

Sometimes all you need to dress up light pink polish for an easy nail art design is a few rhinestones and some glitter polish.

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7. Glitter and Rhinestone Tips

A little glitter polish and some pretty blue rhinestones placed on the tips of the nails are super pretty and easy to do!

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8. Sharpie Polka Dot Nails

Use a Sharpie marker to create some quick polka dots on your nails for an amazingly easy nail design!

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9. Polka Dot Rings Nail Art

Painting smaller polka dots on top of larger polka dots makes an easy ring pattern on the nails. Stripes connecting the rings make this design even more eye catching!

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10. Reptile Polka Dot Nail Art

Reptile skin nail art doesn’t have to be difficult to create. A few rows of different sized polka dots can do the job surprisingly well!

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11. Polka Dot French Tips

Jazz up a classic nail art design with a row of small polka dots on the tips of the nails.

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12. Pin Drag Tie Dye Manicure

These tie dye nails look difficult to do, but they’re actually a very easy nail art design using the pin drag technique.

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13. Simple Plaid Nails

These simple plaid nails are super cute, and they’re super simple to create!

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14. Easy Starburst Nails

Use a thin nail striping brush to paint sparkly lines from the corners of your nails for some easy starburst nails.

easy nail art 14Image Source

15. Sponged Cloud Nails

This cute little cloud nails require nothing more than some white polish and a sponge!

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Don’t feel intimidated by trying new nail art designs. Not everything has to be complicated, and there are lots of great easy nail art designs to try! No matter what your nail art skill level, you should be able to pull off at least a few of these easy nail designs!

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