14 Pretty Purple Flower Nail Art Designs


Purple has quickly become one of the more popular colors in many ladies’ nail polish collections. It’s a fun and somewhat funky color in addition to being pretty and feminine. One way to really get some feminine nails is by creating some purple flower nail art.

There are lots of different purple flower nail art designs that you can try. If you’re the artistic sort, you can always paint some cute purple flowers on your nails freehand. Simple flower nail designs can also be created with a dotting tool and very simple brush strokes. Or, if you want flawless purple flower nail art, though, you can always use decals or a nail stamper, or have them professionally done.

Want some ideas for your own purple nail art? Take a look at these smashing designs for a little inspiration!

1. Purple Flower Accent Nails

Purple flowers with rhinestones make gorgeous accent nails for these light purple fingernails.

purple flower nail artImage Source

2. Purple Flower and Skull Nails

A skull adds a pretty unexpected and wicked element to this purple flower nail art design.

purple flower nail artImage Source

3. Little White Flowers on Purple Nails

This dark purple nail polish is a beautiful background for some simple little white flowers and polka dots.

purple flower nail artImage Source

4. Purple Flower on Mint Nails

The contrast between this mint nail polish and the purple polish used for the polka dots and flowers is definitely eye catching and pretty!

purple flower nail artImage Source

5. Purple Flowers With Nail Tips

Purple flower decals on a pretty purple French mani are sure to please, even if they’re just a couple of accent nails.

purple flower nail artImage Source

6. 3D Purple Flower Nail Art

White rose nail charms and rhinestones make for a pretty amazing detail in this light purple nail art design!

purple flower nail artImage Source


7. Purple Flower Nail Art With Leaves

Add a leaf or vine design to your purple flower nail art for a little extra added interest.

purple flower nail artImage Source

8. Lavender Nail Art Design

I suppose we can’t have a list of purple nail art designs without a cute little lavender design thrown in, can we?

purple flower nail artImage Source

9. Long Purple Flower Nails

Purple flower nail art looks great on nails of any length, but this particular design looks pretty smashing on long nails!

purple flower nail artImage Source

10. Artistic Purple Flower Nails

With the right nail brushes and a little bit of an artistic flair, these purple flower nails should be easy enough to create.

purple flower nail artImage Source

11. Purple Flowers on White Nails

Little purple flowers really pop on white nails!

purple flower nail artImage Source

12. Purple Flower Nails With Glitter Tips

The purple glitter nail tips here are certainly gorgeous, but the purple flowers on the side of the nails give this design a little something extra.

purple flower nail artImage Source

13. Hologram Flower Nails

Use a holographic polish to add an interesting twist on and some much needed sparkle to plain flower nail art.

purple flower nail artImage Source

14. Stamped Black and Purple Nail Art

A simple nail stamping design can easily turn purple nails into flowery works of art in no time at all!

purple flower nail artImage Source

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