14 Cute and Easy Flower Nail Designs


Flower nail art designs are pretty and feminine nail art designs that any women can try! An expensive trip to the salon isn’t even necessary to get a good flower nail art design either! There are plenty of cute and easy flower nail art designs that you can create on your own. Many of them require no special tools and use simple techniques, so anyone can recreate them.

If you’re looking for some cute flower nail ideas, check out these adorable nails for a little inspiration!

1. Stems and Flower Nails

These simple black and white flowers really pop on these glitter pink nails! Stems can be added to flower nail designs by simply drawing a few thin lines with a nail art brush.

flower nail designsImage Source

2. Green Flower Nail Design

The green flower nail designs in this mani are super cute. The hardest part of recreating this would be keeping a steady hand when drawing the black lines for the petals.

flower nail designsImage Source

3. Bright Rhinestone Flower Nail Art

Rhinestones can also be used to create some super fun and sparkly flower nail designs!

flower nail designsImage Source

4. Flower Tips Nail Design

Little red and yelow flowers on the tips of the nails really dress up these subtle glitter nails!

flower nail designsImage Source

5. Two Tone Purple Flower Nails

Two different shades of purple make some subtle, yet gorgeous flower nail art designs!

flower nail designsImage Source

6. Tiny Flowers With Glitter Accent Nail

A glitter accent nail is a nice addition to some flower nail designs with tiny little flowers.

flower nail designsImage Source

7. Polka and Flowers Nail Designs

A trail of polka dots makes a fun accent to simple flower nail designs like these.


flower nail designsImage Source

8. Smiley Face Flower Nail Art

Smiley face designs can really perk up some already cute flower nail designs!

flower nail designsImage Source

9. Striped Flower Nails

Subtle stripes look amazing as a background for some simple flower nail art!

flower nail designsImage Source

10. Easy Flower Nail Designs on Natural Nails

Jazz up natural nails by adding a few small flowers down the sides of each nail!

flower nail designsImage Source

11. Tiny White Flower Nail Art

Tiny little polka dots are super easy to transform into a super cute flower nail design!

flower nail designsImage Source

12. Black and White Flower Nail Art

Add black and silver accents to white flower nail art for an easy stunning nail design!

flower nail designsImage Source

13. Polka Dots and Flowers Nail Designs

Polka dots just seem to work well with all sorts of flower nail designs!

flower nail designsImage Source

14. Orange Flower Nail Art

Bright orange nails make a nice background for little white flowers, and this adorable nail design is so easy to recreate on your own!

flower nail designsImage Source

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