10 Stunning Stiletto Nail Designs to Die For


Stiletto nails are a long and pointy nail shape. They have a slightly edgier look than traditional nail shapes, like rounded nails or square nails.

A woman needs super strong nails to naturally keep a stiletto nail shape. Fake stiletto nails can also be shaped and created with acrylics. Long, pointy acrylic nails are generally stronger than natural nails with the same shape, which is why many woman opt for acrylics when choosing this shape.

Creating stiletto nail designs is really quite easy. It’s not hard to make stiletto nail look pretty amazing! Check out these awesome stiletto nail designs…

1. White and Silver Stiletto Nails

Some silver accents add a glamorous touch to these white stiletto nails.

stiletto nailsImage Source

2. Lace Stiletto Nails

Lace accent nails add a sweet and soft touch to these pointy stiletto nails!

stiletto nailsImage Source

3. Beaded Stiletto Nail Design

Add some pearls and nail art beads to matte maroon nails for an interesting stiletto nail design.

stiletto nailsImage Source

4. Black and Gold Nail Art

Gold glitter nail polish contrasts beautifully with dark black polish on these pointy nails.

stiletto nailsImage Source


5. Bejeweled Purple Nails

Large nail art jewels add a fun touch to these gorgeous deep purple nails!

stiletto nailsImage Source

6. Chain Stiletto Nails

Some chain nail art accents are the perfect edgy addition to these stiletto nails.

stiletto nailsImage Source

7. Heart Tip Stiletto Nails

It’s easy to make the tips of stiletto nails look like hearts.

stiletto nailsImage Source

8. Blue Gradient Stiletto Nail Art

Blue and white gradient nails look pretty amazing, especially with some glitter gradient accent nails.

stiletto nailsImage Source

9. Galaxy Stiletto Nail Design

Stiletto nails are pretty eye catching, but a galaxy design makes them even more eye catching!

stiletto nailsImage Source

10. Red Under Black Nails

Painting the undersides of the nails red adds a pretty awesome splash of color to these black stiletto nails.

stiletto nailsImage Source

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