1. Great collection.
    It’s interesting that you have to take your time and study the logo before fully-understanding it. Most of these logos are not that memorable, but they’re smart :D

  2. I think this is using somewhat of an incorrect concept of negative space. Logos like the child of the king and eat innovations definitely are great negative space logos. They’re utilizing the unused space to create a new image. Twins, signal repair, golf and many others just have two components in the logo and unless I’m missing something, have are not negative space logos.

    Just some thoughts! Thanks for putting some great logos together though!

  3. There’s something so enchanting about negative space logos when they are done right. You get drawn in by their simplicity of intelligent thinking. My favourites include Cafe Melody, Green 1, Future Works and City Direct because they have kept everything down to the raw essentials of the brand and made it work perfectly in such an obvious way that some people would simply overlook such an idea.

  4. There are no technical rules for designing logos. A good logo is onethat can easily be recorded in our memory and captures ourattention and that should be associated with the company vision.

  5. Some very clever logo designs! Green 1 and media leaf are very good, clean and simple and work very well.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. This collection is really great. Not that appreciative when it comes to negative space design but still these works.

  7. wow great negative space logos designs all the design are so creative that i can’t ignore any of the logos thanks for sharing…….:)


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