Angel tattoo designs for ladies


Hey Girl! Is it your first time of having a tattoo? Are you thinking of the best designs? How about an angel tattoo for a start?

The angel tattoo is considered as one of the most beautiful but complex works of body art, and it usually poses as a challenge for an artist to tattoo them. There are so many reasons why ladies love to have “angels” tattooed on their bodies. It could be that an angel tattoo is a reminder of a loved one, who was a protector or guide and had passed away. To some women, an angel tattoo serves as a charm or talisman for protection. To others, having an angel tattoo satisfies the feelings of peace or tranquility. It could also be that angels are just too cute and adorable.

There are so many designs in different shapes of angel tattoos. It could be in the form of angel wings; guardian angels; fallen angels; flying angels; the angel of love(cupid); or an angel’s number like 333, 444, e.t.c.

People are addicted to having the 333 angel number on their bodies. Especially those who believe in guardian angels, mystical powers, the supernatural, e.t.c., tend to see the 333 or other numbers, when doing some errands, driving to work, shopping, and so on, taking it as a divine sign, when they see the numbers more often than usual.

The 333 angel number is actually a common one for those who believe in the supernatural and have claimed to have come across this number at different times in their lives. 333 angel number carries a lot of symbolism. It is said that the “333” angel number, signifies the angels are telling you, you are radiating with a lot of energy, self-confidence and growth. You are also optimistic about life and what it has in store for you. If you keep encountering 333, the angels are trying to tell you to be more purposeful, move forward by ridding yourself of things that do not bring joy.

Having the 333 angel number tattooed on one’s body depicts, the person feels the need to be encouraged and assured that there are angels on stand by, watching over you and ready to help. The “333” Angel number can be placed on any body part you prefer, big-sized, small-sized, in any way you want, the tattoo becomes a part of you.

Angel tattoos for women are a visual illustration of something inside them that defied to get out of a situation or of something they never want to lose sight of; sometimes the tattoo impersonates the need for protection, a painful evocation or a sign of past troubles or trauma and rising above them.

If it is not related to emotions, sometimes a tattoo for a woman, depending on the size and design, can simply represent another accessory like makeup or jewelry. Either way this body art is very voguish amongst women and is a window into their character, taste or emotional realm.

So, what do you think? Angel tattoos, right?


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