16 Sweet Matching Couple Tattoos That Will Make You Swoon

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The couple that gets tattoos together, schmooze together, they say. Well, maybe they don’t really say that, but matching couple tattoos can be quite the bonding experience. Unlike name tattoos, matching couple tattoos come with fewer regrets. By themselves, they are standalone tattoos. By opting for a matching couple name tattoo, you wont have a constant permanent reminder of your ex-lover if there’s trouble in paradise.

There are so many great couples tattoos to choose from, though! No matter what type of matching tattoos you’re looking for—sweet fun, romantic—we’ve found lots of great ideas for you! Check out these matching couple tattoos for a little inspiration!

1. Mr. and Mrs.

Just married? Consider these cute Mr. and Mrs. matching tattoos on the ring fingers!

matching couple tattoos 1Viralnova

2. Key and Lock Matching Couples Tattoos

If your lover holds the key to your heart, these key and lock matching tattoos might be just the thing. The key isn’t too feminine to be worn by a man, and the heart lock is super cute for the ladies.

Matching couple tattoos 2Viralnova

3. Matching Tin Can Telephone Tattoos

I absolutely adore these matching heel tattoos! The tin can telephone tattoo design is so sweet!

matching couple tattoos 3Bored Panda

4. King and Queen of Hearts Matching Couple Tattoos

Card shark sweeties will love these matching couples tattoos. Show the world that you’re the king and queen of hearts with these cute matching finger tattoos.

matching couple tattoos 4Bored Panda

5. Matching Heartbeat Tattoos

Two hearts beat as one with these matching tattoos. These two heartbeat tattoos are placed on the wrists and combine into one when placed together.

matching couple tattoos 5Bored Panda

6. Catdog Matching Couple Tattoos

Who doesn’t love Catdog?! These matching Catdog tattoos would be perfect for goofy couples who like to have fun,

matching couple tattoos 6Bored Panda

7. Matching Puzzle Piece Tattoos for Couples

These matching puzzle piece tattoos are unique and fun. The Zelda inspired video game hearts add a sweet touch and make them great matching couple tattoos for gamers.

matching couple tattoos 7Flickr

8. Matching Tattoos With Bird In Flight

I love how these matching bird tattoos are placed on the forearms. When holding hands, it looks like one cohesive tattoo.

matching couple tattoos 8Cuded

9. Guide Me Matching Couple Wrist Tattoos

These two matching tattoos are so sweet, creative, and so true! Everyone wants their lover to be there for them when needed, but no one wants held down.

Matching couple tattoos 9Cuded

10. Opposites Attract Couples Tattoos

Are you and your partner polar opposites? Well, it’s a good thing opposites attract! These positive and negative signs are perfect for couples who want to celebrate their individuality and opposites attract relationship.

matching couple tattoos 10Viralnova

11. Matching Lions Couples Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring finger tattoos with majestic lions show fierce loyalty and strength, two attributes every successful relationship needs. These matching tattoos are the perfect choice for a modern power couple!

matching couple tattoos 11Tattoo-kid.com

12. Matching Soul Mate Hand Tattoos

Finding your soul mate isn’t easy, but when you do find them, you’d better hang on tight! Matching soul mate tattoos are optional, but I love how these two tattoos come together when holding hands.

Matching couple tattoos 12Inked Weddings

13. Matching Tetris Tattoos

Check out these fun matching couple tattoos with Tetris game pieces! These would be great options for any couple, but would be the most fitting for retro gamers.

matching couple tattoos 13Inked Weddings

14. Cute Matching Bird Tattoos

These cute matching bird tattoos are excellent options for matching couple tattoos!

matching couple tattoos 14Designzzz

15. L-O-V-E Hands Matching Tattoos

Who knew four little letters could mean so much?

matching couple tattoos 15Visual News

16. PB&J Matching Couple Tattoos

Do you and your honey go together like peanut butter and jelly? Show the world that, just like this classic lunchbox staples, you’ll be together forever!

matching couple tattoos 16  Visual News

There are so many awesome matching couple tattoo ideas that I’d have trouble choosing! But, you don’t have to be limited to just one. If you can’t decide which ones are your favorites, you could always get a couple matching tattoos!

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