12 Amazing Repurposed DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

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Kitchen islands are so handy and versatile! They give most kitchens much needed extra counter space and also usually extra storage space. Many kitchen islands can also add a nice little personal touch and really add to the decor, whether you’re going for a rustic or modern look. Kitchen islands can be quite expensive, however, even if you choose a less expensive freestanding unit. If your little kitchen is in serious need of extra counter space and storage, however, not all options are out of your budget. There are some amazing repurposed DIY kitchen island ideas out there!

1. Antique Sideboard Kitchen Island

An antique sideboard has enough charm and beauty on its own to make an amazing DIY kitchen island! Very little refurbishing is actually needed, besides moving it away from the wall.

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2. Painted Buffet Kitchen Island

If you have an old buffet that’s in less than stellar shape, you can always paint it to match your kitchen decor. A piece of beadboard on the back can also disguise an unattractive side that was originally intended to sit against the wall.

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3. Repurposed Dresser Kitchen Island

An old dresser can be easily be transformed into a DIY kitchen island by adding a thick, sturdy top. A little overhang on the top can make a great place to put some stools for extra seating.

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4. Open Dresser Kitchen Island

Remove the bottom drawers or doors on an old dresser to give your new DIY kitchen island some nice open storage. These baskets make for some handy, versatile storage and manage to look good doing it too!

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5. Repurposed kitchen Island with Utensil Hooks

Add some utensil hooks to the side of your DIY kitchen island for even more functionality. You can also add towel racks or paper towel dispensers.

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6. Large Red Kitchen Island From Dressers

Two dressers back to back make an excellent large kitchen island! The snazzy red color is also eye catching and simply gorgeous in this kitchen!

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7. Repurposed Desk Kitchen Island

For the studious cook, this refurbished desk kitchen island might be just the thing! The extended counter top on it gives you extra workspace as well as a place to put stools for extra seating.

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8. DIY Kitchen Island From Desk

Here’s another great example of a DIY kitchen island from a repurposed desk. A base with a large drawer was added to this version for added height and extra storage space.

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9. Workbench Kitchen Island

An old workbench is sturby and has a rustic charm to it. Perfect for a repurposed kitchen island!

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10. Wash Tub Kitchen Island

If country charm is what you’re after, this repurposed wash makes an amazing and unique DIY kitchen island! The top is even removable, so it doubles as extra storage.

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11. DIY Kitchen Island From Crates

Wooden crates are so handy if you need extra storage. You can even get really creative and stack them on top of each other for a homemade kitchen island!

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12. Piano Kitchen Island

Here’s the grand daddy of all DIY kitchen islands in my opinion! A grand piano repurposed into a kitchen island makes an amazing and truly unique focal point in any kitchen!

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Not only are these repurposed kitchen island ideas functional and practical, they’re also much cheaper than commercial islands. They’re also much easier to make than a DIY kitchen island from scratch, and nearly anyone can make one! Keep your eye out for interesting pieces for your own repurposed kitchen island. You might be amazed at what you can come up with when you start to think outside the box!


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