Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs

Are you planning to get yourself inked with a mysterious and stunning design, rich in meaning and symbolism?

 Aesthetic Wolf Tribal Tattoos

The animal world has many secrets that you can carry on your skin. Among the animals, the wolf holds pride of place as a graceful creature of the night. With a shapely body, abundant fur, and glittering eyes, the wolf makes for powerful tattoo designs.

Tribal patterns are often used to ink wolf tattoos. The bold lines blend with the natural grace of a wolf, to create magnificent tattoo art.

Whether it is a wolf in profile, or one staring straight at the viewer, every tribal tattoo has its own story. The powerful myths surrounding the wolf are recreated through monochromatic ink designs.

Usually dense shades of blue, brown, or black feature in Wolf Tribal Tattoos. Many tattoos depict the wolf in a circular design, symbolizing that it stands for the dual forces, of creation and destruction.

The maternal spirit of a wolf comes out through designs featuring a beautiful she-wolf with a rounded belly. Native American lore celebrates the wolf in a number of creative ways. You see gorgeous flowy lines in tattoo designs, telling the story of the wolf as a pioneering spirit of the wild.

Primitive Beast

The inner lines are inked in deep blue, while the outlines have the usual black ink treatment, in this tribal tattoo.


Black Wolf

Inked with flowy lines, this tattoo shows a wolf in profile, just above the nipple. A proud chest tattoo for a man.

Wolf Inked

The sinuous black tribal pattern makes a dramatic contrast with the softly shaded brown wolf.

Big Wolf Tattoo

The wavy lines, inspired by tribal designs, create the form of a wolf on the man’s neck.

Wolf Symbol Tattoos

Wolves are very popular animals especially when it comes to tattoos. Some people have a really personal connection to these strong animals, and they want to wear them on their bodies to give them that same strength as well. However, when it comes to wolf tattoos, there are hundreds of different designs to choose from, but don’t worry, we did all the work for you!

We have searched long and hard for 16 Wolf Tattoos that are guaranteed to amaze you. So, are you ready to check out 16 pictures of amazing wolf tattoos? If you are, then go ahead and scroll down now!

Snarling Wolf Tattoos

Wolves can be beautiful creatures, but they can also be dangers too, and that is exactly what this snarling wolf tattoo portrays!

Tribal Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have a unique look that people love, and here is just one example of tribal wolf tattoo on the shoulder.

Howling Wolf with the Moon Arm Tattoo

One of the most famous things that wolves are known for is the fact they howl, and this howling wolf tattoo captures the moment perfectly.


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