The Top 10 Business Logo Creator Platforms


Having a great logo goes a long way in business. While companies who spend little time crafting their logo are rarely taken seriously, those who make theirs with the logo creator platforms listed below give off a professional vibe and hi-quality attitude.

1. DesignMantic


Widely regarded as one of the top logo creator platforms around, DesignMantic allows people to create unique, hi-quality photos in just a fraction of the time that it takes through other companies.

By providing their clients over 5,000 different samples to choose from, and giving them all of the tools they need in order to create a great looking logo, DesignMantic is able to guarantee a low cost speedy checkout, while also offering websites, t-shirts, and cards. Though this quick and painless creation process is convenient for those in a hurry or those who already have a general idea of what type of logo they want to create, it is rather unfortunate for novice business owners starting from square one.

2. Vistaprint


Through their “logo design services” feature, Vistaprint allows you to create your own customized business logo from scratch, and offers three different ways to do so. Unlike many of the other logo creator platforms listed, Vistaprint presents clients with multiple package options, ranging from $90 all the way up to $250. Though the highest level package gives you 10 logos to choose from, fast delivery, and an unlimited amount of revisions, it is priced rather high. And since there are other competitive platforms that offer more for less, the fact that this has not been changes is rather surprising.

3. Designhill


Designhill gets straight to the point, asking for your company name and preferred logo design type as soon as you get to their homepage. In addition to offering free consultation for those in need of a new logo, Designhill gives their clients incentive to move forward with more logos by holding competitions through their website.

Much like Vistaprint, the only downside to Designhill is their costs. Though they do provide you with a plethora of options to choose from (which all come with great benefits), their prices range from just $49 for their basic deal, all the way up to $499 for their premium deal.

4. LogoGarden


LogoGarden, much like DesignMantic, attracts their clients by ensuring quick and easy logo creation. In fact, LogoGarden claims to be one of the world’s fastest logo creator platforms, allowing their clients to be well on their way with a finished product in just minutes. This platform is especially great for the novice, offering them a starting point from which to go off, and a general template for the type of logo they are after.

LogoGarden is not only priced much lower than most other logo creating platforms, but they also make things simple for those who are just starting out.

5. GraphicSprings


If you are currently logo-less with $20 to spare, then GraphicSprings is a great choice for you. Through their simple three step process, GraphicSprings allows logos to be made, edited, and downloaded, and provides clients with an extremely user-friendly website to do this on.


In addition to their easy-to-use platform and simple three step process, GraphicSprings also prevents against restricted logo access by enabling clients to download their files in a multitude of different formats, including PNG, SVG, JPG and more.

6. Wix


While they may be known for their websites, Wix also offers DIY logo creation through the “shapes and lines category” located on the forefront of their website. There, you will find a surplus of visual elements, colors, sizes, and categories aimed at shaping the overall foundation of your logo design. Though this may sound like something catered towards novices, due to the overall quality of each logo, experienced business owners can use the Wix designer as well.

7. Logo Foundry

Logo Foundry

Due to the high amount of options, symbols, shapes, and icons that they provide, Logo Foundry has been featured through well-known companies and websites such as Forbes, Product Hunt, The Next Web, and TAXI. By offering their services in the way that they do and also making things fully customizable for each and every one of their clients, Logo Foundry allows businesses to be branded powerfully in just a matter of minutes. However, if your logo does take a little longer than expected, don’t sweat it – they allow you to store your creation through their platform.

The only “con” about Logo Foundry is that their website is not very user-friendly, and makes things somewhat difficult to figure out for first time users.

8. Logo Ease


Logo Ease is yet another great way to brand your business, and is certainly good at what they do. However, in order to reap the benefits of their services, one must first download their “logo maker” software. Though the finished product you get after doing so is great, the initial downloading process is an immediate turn off for most people, restricting them from seeing how great this company platform truly is.

9. Deluxe


Logo creators everywhere are in love with Deluxe, and for good reason. Catering towards small businesses specifically, Deluxe provides clients with an abundance of different packages, all priced reasonably, and offers online marketing services too.

Though the price of their highest logo package reaches almost $800, it comes with lifelong file storage, unlimited revisions, vector formatting, professional designers to help with your logo, and the option for letterheads as well.

10. Tailor


Tailor offers perhaps the best customer service out of any platform listed, and also simplifies the entire logo creation process in a way that few companies are able to do. By working with you and your team on designing a logo that will make you stand out, Tailor is a great choice for business owners looking to visually separate themselves from their competition.


Whether you are looking to brand a newly founded startup, change the aesthetics of your already existing company, or just create a cool and fun design, the logo creators listed above are sure to be of help. In addition to providing their clients with a large array of options to choose from, these platforms also allow for a quick and painless creation process by providing their customers with easy to follow instructions and user-friendly tools.


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