The Best Twist Hairstyles Ideas To Try Right Now


Hairstyles have multiple colors and shades not only literally but also metaphorically. There are different designs for different occasions and for different types of face shapes. All of them look equally beautiful but in their own way.

The French twist hairstyle is one hairdo known to impart an amazing grace and sophisticated charm to the women.
It is considered to be stylish and formal which suits women of all age groups. Apart from this, it can be also styled in various manners like with bangs and highlights to spice up the look and style.

The French twist hairstyle is not that difficult to make as it seems to be. With little patience and skill, you can create the perfect look. Though the hairdo is mostly visible at weddings and prom nights, it can be also worn to office or an outing. Just keep it simple and make sure that the hair pins are placed carefully otherwise you may have to meet a hairstyle malfunction. To make sure that you make the perfect French twist knots, we have compiled here a list of 30 French twist hairstyles. Just take a close look and you will know the intricacies of this art work.

French Waves

Kate Beckinsale is looking amazing in this French twist updo made in a swirly manner.

Prom Hairdo

The French twist hairdo is the best elegant looking hairstyle and your best bet for a formal do.

Rumpled Hairstyle

This French twist updo with a messy and casual look has a wild charm.

Ornamental Hairstyle

The elegant French twist updo adorned with small beads is looking pretty and classic.

Neat Marley Twist Hairstyles

Made famous by Bob Marley and often done with dark, thick hair, Marley twist haircuts look great and are beloved by many people. In addition to the dreaded style and unique look these haircuts give off, they also take a while to grow, which is why most people who have them think twice before cutting their hair. In fact, to properly pull off a Marley twist hairstyle, years and years of patience and hair-care is needed. So, if you have the patience to grow out your hair like the people below, then researching Marley twist hairstyles might be a great idea, however, if you’re just looking to check out some neat designs, then the list should be of interest.

A Shorter Marley Twist Hairstyle

For those with somewhat shorter (and already dreaded) hair, the Marley twist hairstyle is still technically possible, and will look like the image below.


A Long, Straight Marley Twist

Not only are the twists very nicely done, but you can see on the rightward picture, how organized and neat the braids are.

A Marley Twist Up-Do

This Marley twist is still long, however, the person wearing it chose to pin it up. A great look for those wanting to change up their style a bit.

Twisted Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

Long hair is sexy and feminine. Long haired girls can also easily change up their look by changing hairstyles. Running out of hairstyle ideas for long hair is a pretty big bummer, though. You can only rock a ponytail or braided hairstyle for so long before they get a little boring!

Twist things up a little with some twisted hairstyles! A twisted hairstyle can be  a ice change from the norm. You can wear a twisted hairstyle for a casual look or a more formal occasion.  Twisted hairstyles are also super simple to create, and you’ll be ready and out the door in no time!


Thinking about trying out some twisted hairstyles? Check out these twisted hairstyle ideas for long hair!

Side Twists

A twisted half updo is a classic hairstyle with a whimsical look.

Twisted Bangs

A simple and quick hairstyle, these twisted bangs are perfect for keeping hair out of your face. A great option for when you’re trying to grow out bangs!

Twisted Side Bun

Try a twisted hairstyle with a side bun. Purple hair is optional, of course.


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