Stunning Wedding Hairstyles


Stupendous Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

Radiant and glowing in her proud dark skin, there she stands on her wedding day. That is what makes a black woman beautiful, her pride in her skin and her naturally lush and abundant hair. When wedding bells are ringing, a woman naturally wants to shine as her black beautiful self. Great wedding hairstyles help her do exactly that.

On the wedding day, a black woman’s beautiful hair needs extra attention. The styling of the tresses makes a huge difference to her final appearance as the bride. Whether the hair is straight and smooth, or curly and wild, Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women cover many different looks. A wedding hairstyle should ideally go with the gown and the shape of the face. For a formal look, the bride can part her hair on one side, and tie it in a bun. This elegant black hairstyle suits a classic bridal look with a long flowy white veil. Young brides can wave their hair to let some of it frame the forehead, for a feminine look on the wedding day. To celebrate black pride, women can get natural with an elaborate Afro bridal hairstyle. Check out this collection of attractive bridal hairstyles for modern and fashionable black women.

Glow Black

Dark brown hair, cut in long layers, cascades down one shoulder. An elegant open hairstyle.

Let’s Celebrate

The black hair is fashioned in dreadlocks and made into a formal side parted updo.

Traditional Setting

The young bride looks radiant in her black layered medium length wavy hairstyle.

Fresh Black Hairstyle

This woman shows off her proud and wild dreadlocks hairstyle, as she poses in her wedding dress.

Encouraging Down Wedding Hairstyles

Getting married and looking beautiful as a bride is every woman’s dream. She prepares for her big day with a lot of excitement. The down wedding hairstyles give her confidence to carry herself well during the marriage, where she has to look the best among all. A woman should be very careful in choosing her hairstyle as not all the different hairstyles go well with every face. A lady should go for a hairstyle, which suits her face and body stature. In the wedding, the maximum attention is on the bride so it is very important for her to choose the right hairstyle, which makes her look more appealing. Also she has to take care for her hair like regular oiling and hair spa a week before the wedding to look the best on the big day.

The hairstyles can vary from straight open hair to braided curly hair. It is important to go for the hairstyle, which suits the face and the wedding dress. Proper care and maintenance is required so that the true beauty of a woman can brought out. The wedding day is the biggest day in a woman‘s life and a perfect hairstyle will not only compliment her looks but also enhance her looks.

Vintage Bride

Simplistic and beautiful describe this hairstyle which has curly locks left open and a crown on the hair gives a princess feel.

Long And Strong

Lovely brown silky hair tied in the middle and a braid on the top, will make the bride brimming with beauty.

Snow White

Long blonde hair half tied with a puff on the top. It pleases and is sure to gather praises.

Fascinating Beach Wedding Hairstyles

A beach wedding is an occasion that makes your heart go romantic and the very thought of tying the knot on the sunny and breezy beach brings a glow on the face. However, if you are the bride-to-be, some worrying thoughts also come with the lovey-dovey ones. This is about the hairstyle that you will wear on the d-day. The beach wedding hairstyles are not something drastically different from the normal wedding hairstyles but some variations are there, for sure.

The updo, as usual, is the most favored hairstyle and beaches also follow the trend but it is not that the open and loose hairstyles cannot be tried here. You can play with curls, bangs and fringes but make sure that they are styled with gels and hair sprays. Remember, the sea beach is a breezy place where the wind flows at a fair speed and if you have not secured your hair well then the wind can play havoc with it. Below we have presented a collection of 30 beach wedding hairstyles for you to get more ideas and inspirations. So, take a look and get ready to flaunt your crowning glory with pride and style on the sea-shore.

Loose-Opened Curls

A perfect romantic hairstyle for a beach wedding that enhances the looks of the bride manifold.

Clutched Open Hairstyle

The loose-opened hairstyle clutched at back creates a breezy look without disturbing you in the face.

Floral Wedding Hairstyle

Dark and smooth hair secured in a puffy updo and decorated with colorful flowers on front.

Elegant Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Are you looking for a pretty festive Hairstyle for a wedding? One of the most popular hairstyles for weddings is the half up half down hairstyle. In this style, you can look formal and elegant, plus show off your fun side. In a half up half down hairstyle, some of the hair is pulled into an updo while the rest remains free to frame your face. The half up Hairstyle makes you look feminine and sensuous on the wedding day.

Half up half down wedding hairstyles keep you neat and presentable for hours. A few back pins or clips are all you need to create a simple half up hairstyle. Use pins to pull back some of your hair, and loosen a few hair strands. You can lightly wave the hair strands to enhance your look. Half up hairstyles look great with both medium and long hair. You can cut the front hair in bangs, and pin back some of your hair. The back pinned hair lets the veil be placed conveniently. You can also try a semi-bun Hairstyle by making a flat bun on your head. Dress your front hair strands in loose locks to create an elegant look. Here are some fashionable wedding hairstyles.


French Inspiration Wedding Hairstyle

The French twist half up half down hairstyle, looks sweet on the bride.

Half Up Half Down Loops Wedding Hairstyle

The front of the hair is styled in elegant loops, in this half up hairstyle.

Wavy Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

The wavy strands are pinned back to create a sensuous hairstyle.

Lovely Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

We have collected inspirational pictures of wedding hairstyles for short hair.
You can ooze glamorous touch to your short hair by styling your layers, bangs, and fringes. If you happen to have chin-length hair, bedazzle it with a classy bun or a quasi-updo.

Here‘s a treat for short haired ladies, who are getting married.

Leave your naturally wavy hair opened to embellish it with a chic flower tucked behind your ear and you are done. Keeping short hair, you have already shown your fearless attitude to experiment, keep that up to give your hair more glossy angles. Spike it up, if you have very short hair for an ultra-classy bridal style.

Cool Wedding Bride

Glitzy loose curls further bedazzled with vibrant golden color and trendy styling.

Ellen Wedding

Flawless hairdo, neatly parted and pulling back hair in style for a ravishing look.

Wedding Hairstyles Side

Pretty swirls on lovely golden tresses going superb with her face cut.

Groovy Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

A classy bridal gown deserves a classy hairstyle too. The wedding day is the most important day of a woman‘s life. She wants to look stunning on her wedding day and over shadowed everyone else. These are some wedding hairstyles with veil that look brilliant. Whether you have short hair or long, there is a style meant for everyone. These pictures show how simple it is to create the perfect hairstyle for your great day. Just a clip, a hair band or a rubber band can turn your hair into a style of beauty. A tiara will give a regal appearance that looks very attractive.

There are hairstyle and hairstyle for brides. Whether you have short hair or long, straight or curly, a fantastic hairstyle can be created to make your wedding day a perfect one. These are some wedding hairstyles with veil with a wide variety to suit most tastes. The short ones are the easiest to groom. The long-haired beauties are not too difficult either. Just a partial updo, a hairpiece and a veil is all that needed to look like perfection. These hairstyles are all worth looking at and worth copying too. As they are easy to create that should not be a problem.

Covered In Style

Hair combed back and left in a cascade of waves down the looks superlative. From among wedding hairstyles with veil this is a fantastic display.

Long And Curled

Among wedding hairstyles with veil, this style with long waves down the back is really great. The bangs and partial updo add volume and style.

Short Glory

From wedding hairstyles with veil this short bunch of curls around the shoulders looks very enchanting. The flower adds a sense of chic to the bridal ensemble.

Arresting Black Wedding Hairstyles

Weddings are a matter of huge preparation, and months of effort to get the hairstyle right on the big day. If you have gorgeous black natural hair and want to show it off at your wedding you need to plan ahead to find a style that works. The effect of black hair against the white delicate wedding veil can be really magical. Styled right a wedding hairstyle for black hair can look real pretty and set off the features of a radiant bride and her bridesmaids.

If you are planning to get your hair set in a formal style look up Black Wedding Hairstyles for inspiration. For an elaborate hairstyle piled up in stacks on your head it is a good idea to smoothen and straighten your hair. You can also have a formal side parted hairstyle set on one side with a hairpin. If natural curls is what you want to display on your wedding simply get a shoulder length haircut and style your hair with rollers to have some pretty locks dancing on your shoulders. You can also go for a side hairstyle and let the locks kiss only one shoulder for a sweet and graceful look. A sprig of flowers tucked on one side of open hair can bring a fresh and magical look on your wedding day. Bridesmaids can go for simple layered black hairstyles or a half up hairstyle. For an African pride look on your wedding day you can be a radiant black bride in cool dreadlocks. Get creative with a touch of fantasy for your hairstyle on the special day.

Black Hairnet Bride

The delicate hairnet gives a subtly magical look to the black carefully styled locks in this pretty wedding side hairstyle.

Black Layered Wedding Hairstyle

With her hair styled in layers falling over one shoulder this young Afro woman makes a lovely bride.

Black Hairstyle Bride

With her black tresses tumbling down below her shoulders this pretty bride with a side parted hairstyle looks radiant.


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