Stunning Straight Hairstyles For Any Length

Straight Asymmetrical Haircut

Alluring Hairstyles For Fine Straight Hair

A good hairstyle can make you look elegant and attractive, giving a boost to your personality. Though there are different types of hair, fine straight hair has always been popular among women. They even go to the extreme of ironing curly hair to get silky smooth fine straight hair. Lustrous straight hair is always appealing and it will give an elegant and sexy appearance. It frames the face beautifully making you look stunning and gorgeous. But it is tough to maintain the texture and look of straight hair forever and hence, it requires proper styling to maintain it.

One main advantage of having straight hair when compared to curly hair, is its ease of styling. Numerous hairstyles for fine straight hair are available today. Straight hair saves both money and time spent on styling the hair. It can be called versatile, as fine straight hair is suitable for any type of styling. It can be curled, cut short, braided, layered, knotted into a bun and the list is endless. Straight hair is not only popular among women even men like to have straight hair. Get creative and choose the best hairstyle that suits you from the following appealing straight hairstyles.

Modern Hairdo

Interesting and modern, this beautiful hairstyle will add a glamorous touch to your personality.

Light Hair

Add an elegant touch to your soft and silky straight hair with this beautiful hairstyle.

Attractive Hair

Beautiful falling tresses will look amazing in this exquisite hairstyle. It with make you look more feminine and gorgeous.

Staggering Straight Weave Hairstyles

Do you have short hair and are looking for exciting new ways to play it up at a party? Bored with the same looking hair and want a dramatic hairstyle that wows your friends? A simple and fun way to go about achieving a new look is with a straight weave hairstyle. Weaves come in many different price ranges, and the synthetic ones are the cheapest. Natural hair weaves are more expensive and elegant. All kinds of weaves can give your hair a fresh makeover, and with a touch of highlight you can have a lot of fun.

Brown Gold Straight Weave

The rich orange and golden combination gives a dramatic feel to this long straight weave hairstyle.


Elegant Bird’s Nest Weave

Elaborate rolls puff up the hair in smooth and shiny wavy patterns in this stylized blonde weave hairstyle.

Vintage Straight Weave

In this long brown straight weave hairstyle the side parting and the black headband complete the retro look.

Tasteful Haircuts For Long Straight Hair

Do you have a thick mane of long straight hair? Bored with just a simple trim across the bottom, from time to time? There are many great Haircuts For Long Straight Hair that can work wonders for your face. You can add layers to the haircut to create a soft frame for the forehead.

When it comes to layering, long hair benefits a lot from creative variations. Try a mixture of layers that create a shaggy feel, adding volume to the top of your head. This draws attention to your head, while you can simply keep the bottom strands long and layered. For an elegant and formal look, have rounded layers framing the side of your face. You can side part your hair and add some front layers or bangs for a cool look. Long haircuts can also be asymmetrical, in tune with the modern style trends. These haircuts made with choppy layers, add an interesting edge to your smooth tresses. You can also create a choppy fringe for the forehead, to give yourself a fresh look. Styling long hair in layers of different lengths, also looks attractive. If your face is long, layer the hair on the sides to give your face a fuller look.

Smooth Round Look

The rounded front fringe combines with the extra long and shiny hair, to create a classic babydoll look.

Long Edgy Haircut Idea

A touch of asymmetry in the layers makes for an edgy long blonde haircut.

Long Glam Haircut

In this glamorous hairstyle, the front hair is cut in short layers to elegantly frame the forehead.


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