Stop Motion Animation Videos & Resources


The digital age has made the process of stop motion much easier to produce but still retain the classic feel you remember growing up with. Below we present some of our favorite clips and guides to get you started with your stop motion project.

Amazing Stop Motion Video Examples


by Carlos Lascano

I love this one! It’s so much more than just stop motion. Beautifully drawn, has a great story, and features one of my favorite bands Sigur Ros as the soundtrack. Make sure to check out the “making of” page for this animation. Behind The Scenes

This is Japan!

by Eric Testroete

This is a collection of high quality photos placed in sequence to tell the story of a trip to Japan. The pics stream so fast but you don’t really feel like you are missing anything. It sounds simple but the end result is cool enough for me to give this a try. The photos were shot on a Pentax k20d with pentax 16-50 f2.8 and pentax fisheye 10-17. You can view the images at your own pace on flickr.
Flickr Photos

MUTO a wall-painted animation

by BLU

This is such a trippy video. It reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” movie. More than anything, I keep thinking about how long this must have taken. Trying to do something as tedious like this would drive me insane.


Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes

by Ross Ching

The digital age has made it possible for everyone to make amazing videos that can compete with the big guys for a fraction of the cost. This started out as just a fan made video uploaded to the net but because it was so good, Death Cab actually declared this the official video for the song. How cool is that! According to Pitchfork Ross has also been hired by Death Cabs label Atlantic Records for another project.
Ross Ching

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

by Patrick Boivin

Who knew those old action figures could still have a use. Love the humor in this clip and the camera angles are just brilliant.

Learn How To Create Your Own Stop Motion Animation

Using A Surface Gauge

Make your own cut-out figure.

History Lesson On Stop Motion

GeekBomb: A Brief History of Stop-Motion Animation

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  2. Im a fan of Stop Motion, although it takes time to make, so I haven’t had time to make one. I have some time lapse videos of my own on Vimeo but not as time consuming as the ones shown. Nice post.


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