Sister Quotes That Will Make You Feel Grateful


A sister is a special person in everyone‘s life. Whether younger or elder, she is there to fill your life with joy and fun. Anyone who does not have a sister knows what is the real worth of this sweet sibling who is loving, caring and also irritating at times. The otherwise affectionate and motherly sister can also turn into a prankster and occasional bully. You might abhor her at these particular points but it is impossible to ignore her as there is also a funny angle to this unpleasant behavior that has the capability to bring a smile to our lips when we look back on our childhood in retrospect.

Our childhood memories are full of those funny and hilarious incidents that can be revisited with cool funny sister quotes. These quotes shed light on the sweet and sour aspects of the sister‘s personality. They tell us some beautiful secrets and share light moments handpicked from experiences of different men and women. The collection displayed below also presents 29 funny quotes about sisters. Take a look and enjoy the lovely thoughts that are sure to make you feel happier.

Funny Sister Quotes Which Are Fabulous

Cute Quotes Showing Sisterly Love

A sister is a blessing of God. She is not just a sister but a companion, a friend, a confidant for life. Having a sister means that you will always a friend by your side, who comforts you and listens to you in times of trouble and need. Sisters help each other in times of need and also become a very strong support system. Even after going away from each other, they maintain a strong bond and are always ready to bridge the gaps for each other. Apart from all the rivalry and jealousy between the sisters, there is fun even in fighting whether it is pulling each other‘s hair or running around for the same piece of cloth, it all comes down to love. Sisterly love is one of the strongest bonds that you can ever see. Sharing gossip and similar hatred towards one person just makes the bond even stronger.

Quotes are often treated as clichee words and little attention is paid to the feelings behind the words. Cute sister quotes give a special feeling to a girl, both who is a sister and the one who has a sister. They are not mere words but feelings to describe a soul sister. No words can ever be enough to describe love.

Chocolaty Sisters

Life is an ice-cream, it is to enjoyed before it melts. Same is with the sisters who enjoy every bit of life together. Just make sure that your sister loves chocolate chips!


Sisters In Storm

Sisters are the best companions during turmoil. They love and support, this quote describes their love in beautiful lines.


Friends Of Life

A cute feminine cup, with a beautiful quote on it. A combination of white and pink, there is lots of love in it.

Sisters Love

This quote describes immense love between sibling sisters.

Phenomenal Big Sister Quotes

Every person who has a big sister is a blessed soul as he has not only one mother but two. This is to say that a big sister is no less than a mother. She cares for you, loves you, advises you and of course, also fights with you. She is there for you at every moment of your life and you can always fall back on her for advice or for anything. So who would not admire such a counselor, caretaker and friend? All of us who have a big sister nurse a feeling of gratitude and would love to express it.

Compelling Sister In Law Quotes

Weddings are not only for joining hearts, they also join families, bringing in special gifts like a sister in law. When a woman marries, her husband’s sister becomes her sister in law. Legally, a sister in law connection happens in other ways too. If the woman has a brother who is married, her brother’s wife is sister in law to her husband. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you have a sister in law, it is usual to share a precious bond with her. Over time, a sister in law can come close enough to become a friend.

For women, a sister in law connection is a way to spend some amazing moments together. It can be fun striking up close intimacies and bonding with a sister in law, over a cup of coffee or some shopping. A sister in law is one with whom you usually find it easy to bare your heart. A sister in law can often be a living inspiration. For Charlotte Ross, her future sister in law became an inspiration to accept the scourge of breast cancer with grace. Anthony Doerr, whose sister in law is a painter, describes her dedication and artistry in a beautiful quote. Here is a collection of meaningful Sister In Law Quotes.


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