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Ravishing Red And Green Nail Designs

Now that it is officially the first of December, Christmas is not that far away. The two most known colors for the holiday season are red and green. The red can be from Santa’s clothing, and the green can be from the beautiful Christmas trees that we all love to decorate. There are other Christmas colors that are everyone knows and loves, but red and green are definitely the two that everyone usually goes with including the fingernail designs.

To show you all how cool red and green can be for fingernails, we have gathered up a few Ravishing Red and Green Nail Designs! We know that once you get done looking at this list, you’ll have a new appreciation for just how creative you can be with just two fingernail colors. Okay, we have said all we are going to say about these fingernails because you all need to see them for yourselves. Are you ready to check out the list of red and green nail designs? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Half Red Half Green Nails with Gold and Silver Stripe with Red and Green Dots

Now these nails are really festive for Christmas with the half red and half green designs, and the silver and gold stripe with the red and green dots look just like a ribbon tied around presents.

Plain Nails with Red and Green Tips and Silver Swirls

These nails are French manicure style, but the glittering colors of red and green are used on the tips, and to add some flair, silver swirls are added too, which also look like Christmas ribbon.

Red and Green Nail Tips with Holly

Some women just like to do the tips of their nails, and this lady has green tips with a red stripe, and for that Christmasy touch, she has a holly branch on one nail!

Beautiful Red And Gold Nail Designs

Two Christmas color for nails, other than red and green, is red and gold! The red for Christmas always represents Santa Claus, but the gold can actually represent anything from the ornaments on the tree to the ribbon and paper used to wrap presents. The bright of the gold, and the dark of the red, actually do go together nicely even for things other than Christmas, like fingernail designs. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading!

We have searched everywhere to find a few of these Beautiful Red and Gold Nail Designs, and we know that you all are going to really love them. Once you get done looking at this list of fingernails in red and gold, you’ll see just how beautifully they go well together, and you may even go to get your nails done, and ask for these two colors. Okay we have said enough because there aren’t enough words to describe just how gorgeous these nails are! Are you ready to check out the list of red and goal nails? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.


Shiny Red Nails with Single Gold Dotted Nail

The shinier fingernails can be, the better, and look at these shiny red nails with a single gold dotted nail, they are really something!

Gold Glitter Nails with Single Red Nail with Snowflakes

These nails are mostly painted with gold glitter, but there is one single nail that has a red snowflake, and it sure is a pretty way to decorate fingernails.

Red Nails with Gold Stripes and Gold Dots

Wow look at how fancy these nails are with the red tips plus gold stripes and gold dots!

Beautiful Red Painted Fingernail Pictures

These days, women are going to nail salons, or buying nail art kits, and doing their nails in all kinds of fun and crazy ways with plenty of decorations and sparkle. However, some women prefer to have a more classic look when they do their nails, and we have gathered up pictures of a few Beautiful Red Painted Nails. Not convinced that red nails can be fun? Well let’s have a look!

We promise you that once you get a gander at these gorgeous red nails, you’ll have a new appreciation for plainer nails done in all of the different beautiful shades of red! So, let’s get started!

Red Nails 1

Look at this lovely hand painted in a beautiful shade of fire engine red! Though there are no decorations on these red nails, they are still shiny and beautiful!

Red Nails 2

Now, some people may look at these nails and say that this is not red, but maroon or burgundy. However, the fact is that red can come in various shades on the color chart, and these nails are still gorgeous.

Red Nails 3

Now, this shade of red is not as dark as the fire engine red or the burgundy, but it is still a plain color that looks fabulous.


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