Patriotic Nail Design Ideas for Memorial Day

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Here in the United States, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May, and it’s a day to remember the fallen soldiers who died protecting our freedom. The entire weekend is often celebrated backyard barbecues and patriotic displays. It’s not uncommon to see flags displayed, as well as red white and blue decorations and clothing. And nails! We can’t forget the patriotic nail design ideas!

Patriotic nail design ideas can be created with red, white, and blue nail polish.

Sometimes, though, other colors can be used. Silver is a popular addition to some patriotic nail design ideas, for instance. Glitter and rhinestones can also be used to add a little sparkle!

If you’re celebrating Memorial Day this weekend—or you just like red, white, and blue nails—we have lots of great patriotic nail design ideas for Memorial Day!

1. Stars and Stripes Nail Art Design Ideas

Stars and stripes are popular patriotic nail design ideas for Memorial Day weekend, as well as other holidays like Independence Day. This is a simple stars and stripes nail design, with red and white strips on the nails and blue tips. The stars can be drawn on with a thin nail brush or stamped on.

Patriotic nail art designs 1Arizona Foothills Magazine

2. Blue Star and Red and White Stripes Nail Design

Here’s another version of the classic stars and stripes nail art design. In this design, most of the nail s are painted with red and white stripes, and a statement nail is painted blue with one simple star.

patriotic nail art designs

3. Red Stripes and Blue Dots

You can also try this simple red, white, and blue nail design with squiggly red stripes and blue polka dots. Use a nail striper for the stripes and a dotter tool or toothpick to make polka dots.

patriotic nail design ideas

4. Red, White, and Blue Nails With Red Polka Dots

Being short on time means that you’ll have to opt for simple patriotic nail design ideas. This design fits the bill, with solid red and blue nails accented by a white nail with red polka dots.

patriotic nail design ideas 4Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs

5. Patriotic Nail Design With Large Rhinestone Stars

Rhinestone stars can add much needed bling to patriotic nail design ideas. These large star shaped rhinestones really pop on these red, white, and blue striped nails!

patriotic nail design ideas 5Image Cell

6. Half Stripes and Half Blue Nails

Red glitter nail polish is super cute in this simple patriotic mani. Half of the nails are painted with red and white stripes, and the other half is painted blue. Simply enough for just about anyone to pull off!

patriotic nail design ideas 6StyleCaster

7. Patriotic Nail Design With Silver Accents

I love the silver polish between the red and blue in this patriotic nail design! It really give the whole design a little sparkle, especially with the white stripes outlining it.

patriotic nail design ideas 7StyleCaster

8. Leopard Print Patriotic Nail Design Ideas  

Leopard print nail designs are a fun look and easier to create than they look. Try a silver base color with red and blue spots outlines in black.

patriotic nail design ideas 8StyleCaster

Or, you can use a white polish as a base for a classic red, white, and blue patriotic look!

patriotic nail design ideas 11aka Bailey

9. Red, White, and Blue Nails With Gradient and Silver Stars

Red, white, and blue gradient nails make an excellent backdrop for stamped silver stars!

patriotic nail design ideas 9Karine’s Vernis

10. Silver Patriotic Starburst Nails

Silver nails make a nice background for these starburst and stars and stripes nails. The stripes and the starburst can be painted on with a thin nail brush or striper, and rhinestones complete the look.


patriotic nail design ideas 10StyleCaster

11. Stars and Stripes Nail Design With Glitter Tips

Try a patriotic twist on the French manicure with red, white, and blue glitter tips! Add some star shaped rhinestones for a little extra eye catching sparkle.

patriotic nail design ideas

12. Patriotic Nail Design With Silver Stripes

Nail striping brushes can come in handy for lots of different patriotic nail design ideas for Memorial Day. This design uses a silver nail striper and rhinestones for sparkly accents.

patriotic nail design ideas

13. Stars and Diagonal Stripes Patriotic Nail Designs

Diagonal red and white stripes are paired with blocks of dark blue in this patriotic nail design. Rhinestones are used for the stars, but you can also apply white nail polish with a dotting tool or toothpick for your own version of this patriotic Memorial Day manicure.

patriotic nail design ideas

14. Red Stripes With Blue Tips and White Dots

Here’s another easy patriotic nail design to try if you’re short on time. Just paint red stripes on white nails and color the tips of your nails with dark blue polish. Use a dotter tool to add white dots on the blue tips.

patriotic nail design ideas 15BuzzFeed

15. Red Nails With Patriotic Accent Nail

If you don’t have time to create on full patriotic nail design ideas for Memorial Day, an accent nail is really all you need. These patriotic nails are painted a classic red, with one stars and stripes accent nail.

patriotic nail design ideas 16BuzzFeed

16. Reciprocal Gradient Patriotic Nail Art Design

Here’s an amazing reciprocal gradient patriotic nail design idea! Learn how to get this look on  YouTube.

patriotic nail design ideas 17YouTube

17. American Flag Nail Art Designs

To make American flag nails, paint your nails white and add thin red stripes. Paint blue rectangles on the corners of your nails, then use a dotter tool to add white dots for stars.

patriotic nail design ideas

18. Glitter Red and Blue Patriotic Nails With White Stars

These patriotic nails should be super easy to recreate! Just paint diagonal tips with a blue glitter polish, and add a red glitter stripe above the blue. The white stars can be painted with a thin nail art brush.

patriotic nail design ideas

19. Easy Patriotic Nail Art Design

Looking for easy patriotic nail design ideas for Memoria Day? Try this design, which combines silver half moon designs with red, white, and blue triangles.

patriotic nail design ideas 20Allure

20. Red, White, and Blue Tie-Dye Nails

It looks complicated, but this is actually a super easy patriotic nail art design to pull off. Place a drop of blue nail polish near the cuticle, a stripe of white in the middle of the nail, and a stripe of red at the bottom of the nail. Drag a pin or thin dotting tool from the blue polish to the red polish to create a tie-dye effect.

patriotic nail design ideas 21Polish Me, Please!

21. Red, White, and Blue Polka Dot Nail Design

Another super simple patriotic nail design is polka dots. Paint your nails white first, then use a dotter tool to add red, white and blue dots all over the nails.

patriotic nail design ideas 22She Finds

22. Patriotic Rings Nail Art Design

Ring nail art can be created with different size dotting tools. Start by painting your nails a base color, and add larger dots with a dotting tool. When the dots are dry, use a smaller dotting tool to add dots on top of the larger dots with nail polish the same as your base color. THe result? Rings!

patriotic nail design ideas

Hopefully, we’ve given you lots of inspiration for patriotic nail art designs for Memorial Day! Pretty much any red, white and blue nail designs can be patriotic, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little.

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