Most Flattering Hairstyles For Round Faces


Oustanding Pixie Cuts For Round Faces

Are you looking for a neat haircut that brings out your best features? A hairstyle can transform your face, and make it appear fuller or narrower according to how you want. When you get a haircut style it in line with your face cutting instead of some fashion fad at the moment. If you have a full and round face a cropped hairstyle can be suitable. A short and easy to manage haircut a pixie style is great if you have a round face, and you can add some layers to make it more stylish.

If Pixie Cuts For Round Faces appeal to you there are many stylings that can work depending on your hair type.
For soft hair a style with short layers can make the hair look glossy. You can add a touch of hair color to give a punk feel to your pixie haircut. What about fringes, and do they help to frame your round face? Yes, front bangs have a role to play in defining your forehead. if you have a wide forehead and a round face a pixie haircut with deep front bangs reaching your eye level can look stylish. For a fine-featured face that is on the round side an extra short pixie haircut with a short fringe right across the forehead is a nice choice. You can go for an offbeat pixie haircut in which the center parting shows off the waves in front of the face. A side parting can let some of the hair strands fall over one side of your face. Contemporary and stylish pixie haircuts keep you looking good throughout the day.

Crispixie For Round Face

In this great pixie hairstyle for black hair the side parting lets the short layers be easily seen.

Dark Brown Velvet Haircut

This dark brown haircut looks like perfect velvet thanks to the delicate scissorwork that gives it a shaggy soft touch.

Standard Pixie

Take a look at this soft brown pixie hairstyle with a light wave over a part of the forehead.

Fascinating Long Hairstyles For Round Faces

A round face has a lovely and youthful look that does not fade out with time, no matter how old you grow. This is really a blessing for the women who have their face contours drawn up in a circular form but there is a dimmer aspect too, which, at times, appears as a block in getting a sophisticated and classy look. Well, wearing your hair long solves a lot of discomfort associated with this fact as it lengthens you face. Long hairstyles are what you need. There are countless variations in the long hairstyles for round faces that are simply awesome and graceful. Women with round faces must try them out.


Layers and waves are the beast because they take away attention from the plump nature of you face. They must be created slightly below the chin or the ear lobes. Bangs too serve the purpose to a great extent provided they are not very heavy and long; otherwise the face may start looking shorter. An updo or a ponytail is perfect for it gives a cute and sweet look to your face. Here we have showcased 30 long hairstyles for round faces with extremely cool features and display.


Get a little ruffled around the shoulder with your snaky, locks having brown highlights with a center parting for a fancy look.

Spice Up

A puffed up top on your black curly hair loosened around the face makes the round face look sexier.

Long Layers

A dash of wave in the long layers done with a center parting on blonde hair gives the girl a chirpy look.

College Girl

The smiling bubbly girl with a hair band tucked behind her tilted bangs and black, curly hair falling below the shoulders.

Flashy Style

Pink splashed at back in the curly, light brown hair with side parting makes the damsel look gorgeous in a corporate suit.


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