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Sensational Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hallways or corridors are the paths that lead to an entry or an exit. there may be a door at the end of a hallway, or it may be even a closed hallway. Hallway decoration is an important aspect of interior decor of a home and presented here are 25 Hallway Decorating Ideas.


Hallways can be brightly lit or dimly lit. They can be classic or contemporary. Hallways can lead to a door or they can even end abruptly with a wall at the end. The hallways may have doors lining it, each door leading to different rooms, therefore to different stories. Hallways may be bright and cheerful, or they can be made to look mysterious simply by changing the kind of lighting. Chandeliers give a classy touch to hallways, while the use of recessed lights has a modern feel. You can use pretty furniture to deck up the hallway, or go for bare walls with your favorite picture frame hanging in the empty space. If you enjoy art you can put up a nice painting so that there’s something creative to catch your eye as you pass the hallway. You can also have different kinds of floor carpets with designs to change the look of the hallway space. The different hallway ideas presented here should be able to serve as suggestions to give your hallways the feel you want to give them.

Hollywood Hallway

Heavy dark shadows play among the spaces in this lavish hallway set up with traditional wooden furniture.


Hallway Duplex

Painted all in white this is a small hallway space that is just right for a duplex apartment with a winding staircase.

Hallway Art

The huge canvas with rainbow patterns and abstract art motifs dominates one side of this small and homely hallway.

Inexpensive Decorating Ideas You Will Love To Try

Decorations are a part and parcel of our living and we always look forward to doing up our home or work place or even our car for a special occasion. Many people believe that it is not possible to do the renovation work without spending a fortune and therefore, lose heart at the prospect of refurbishing and decoration. This is merely a fallacy as it is easily possible to create a brand new and completely classic look with low-cost budget. There are many inexpensive decorating ideas, which, if applied well, can bring a total, terrific, transformation.

You don‘t even need to buy new objects as the old things can be also molded into a new decorative piece. If you have to spend, you just need to eke out a small amount and that will do the whole work. Remember, it is not about expensive decoration but about smart work that will fetch you admiration and also make you proud of your work. Try out these 30 inexpensive decorating ideas and you will find out for yourself that a cool decoration work is all about being skilled and applying cool ideas. So, here we go with the inspirations.

Home Office Decorating

White cabinets coupled with wooden wall and tiles flooring look neat as well as trendy.

Small Spruce Up

Just get some strips on the walls and you will find that the look has completely transformed.

Zen Home Decorating

Minimal furniture and lots of plants are the theme for a sober and green Japanese room design.


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