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Peek Into Perfection With These Patio Lighting Ideas

Your patio is the perfect place for a relaxing time on a summer afternoon. You enjoy hanging out with friends or sipping an appetizing drink by yourself on the patio. But you can do so much more with this external space attached to your home, simply by using suitable lights. Once you go through Patio Lighting Ideas in home decoration books and magazines, you realize how easy it is to makeover your patio. All you need is creative lighting to highlight the best parts of this outdoor space.


The lighting you use for your patio depends on the size of the space. If you have a large area and want to illuminate the center, a focused light is a great idea. It centers the light in one area, letting you highlight a key element such as a decoration or rock formation at the center of your patio. Many patios have a set of chairs and a table to eat out on a fine evening. If you plan to use the patio for some romantic dining experiences, try mood lighting near the table. Keep the lighting intimate and subtle, without the use of overpowering glare. You can also dress up the trees in your patio with lights, bringing out their green hue at night. Magical greenery all around while you sip a fine wine on a balmy evening can take your dining experience to a different level. If you want to use the patio for evening parties, you can hire lights for a particular evening. Strings of lights arranged on poles around the patio are great to create a party mood. For festive occasions such as Christmas, buy pretty bell-shaped and star-shaped lights to give your house a Christmas oriented feel. Try recessed lights to draw attention to a fountain, or go for a vintage look with elegant lamppost style illuminations. Many patio light decorations distribute the light over a wide area, so you can use these to brighten the swimming pool or the seating area. Play with lights and bring out the magic of your patio.

Stylish European Patio Lighting

The seating arrangement is cozy in this patio. Small lights are set up in the brick surround behind the chairs.

Patio Twinkly Lighting

Looking at the pretty lights on this patio ceiling may make you want break out into ‘Twinkle,twinkle, little star’.

Spider Lights Patio

The elegant patio illuminations throw spider shaped beams of light on the warm bricks. Moreover, if you’re the type whos into “green” and renewable energy check out these Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light

Beautiful Kitchen Lighting Ideas Pictures

An illuminating kitchen can give a very beautiful look to your home decor. Perfect lights and shades always add to the beauty of a room. Previously kitchens were just about having a stove, a refrigerator and a sink but nowadays the ideas to decorate it are very vast. Modular kitchens with ultra-sexy cabinets are in. Another important element to beautify a kitchen are the lights, an exotic lighting arrangement can give your kitchen a whole new and an amazing look.

My personal favorite is the layering style lights in the kitchen, the mixture of various fixtures and different colored lights help in giving a comfortable space plus a cool environment. Another beautiful thing to add in a kitchen is the dining table. Hanging lights on the top of the table will give an awesome look to the room.

Open Kitchen

An open kitchen design with a dining area, slab door, solid countertops, integral sink and hanging light shades.


Nardo Kitchen

Wooden kitchen style with shades fixed on the ceiling and hanging lights above the dining table.

Cool Lighted Kitchen

Royal look given to the kitchen with a lot of space and lights fixed on the ceiling and spotlights thrown over the eating area.


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