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Extraordinary Small Kitchen Designs

Kitchens are spaces that have a great role to play in keeping the family members happy and together. Getting good food and having it at one place is a blissful experience for every family and kitchen provides this opportunity. Moreover, it is also the venue where guests assemble to have a fine dinner or lunch. Therefore, kitchen design matters a lot as it makes an impression on others apart from creating a cool cooking environment. Eating and dining make for an enjoyable experience only when you have a good, well-designed kitchen but space poses a hurdle to getting this wish materialized.

This is a cause of concern for sure, but you need not worry because there are many small kitchen designs to take care of your worries. Using these smart tips and principles you can create a large looking kitchen even in a limited space. There are various elements that make a kitchen and if you can create coordination among them, getting a cool look is easily possible. Below we have presented a few small kitchen designs that will act as a guide in helping you install your kitchen. Take a look.

Modernistic Kitchen

A neat and clean kitchen with dark cabinets and glass tile backsplash that magnifies the small space.

Lively Kitchen Look

Very light shade cabinets with green and black backsplash creates a nice look for the small kitchen.

Soothing Kitchen Decor

White theme kitchen having matching chairs and a darker shade dining table looks awesome.

Glorious Galley Kitchen Ideas

Galley kitchens are a perfect mix of smart design and good use of space. The term ‘galley’ is a shipping jargon which refers to the long kitchens that were found in shipping vessels, especially the merchant ships. It is this shipping jargon that inspires the galley kitchens that have become so common these days. Designed for modern cooking, galley kitchens look great with the cabinets and the burners are arranged on either side along the walls of the kitchen.

Checking out the Galley Kitchen Ideas is essential in making the choice about the type of kitchen design.

Wide Galley Kitchen

This wide galley kitchen space has a bright sunlit window at one end. The only touches of color in this white kitchen are the colorful hangings over the basin area.

Wonderful Galley Kitchen

This wonderful galley kitchen is filled with colors. All the colors are soft and gentle and they blend with each other creating a dreamlike feel.


Bright Galley Kitchen

The bright galley kitchen lit from all angles makes for a great cooking space. The long brown wooden patterned floor looks warm and beautiful. This kitchen has plenty of space to house all your kitchen appliances.

Oustanding Kitchen Island Ideas

Are you looking to make the best use of your kitchen space? Looking for a compact place to serve meals after cooking right in the kitchen? In today’s home interior designs a kitchen island is often a great choice for its many advantages. For one thing, it can add a new dimension to your kitchen, and also help use a small space effectively. The biggest advantage is, if you’re sharing kitchen space with several others such as in a shared flat arrangement a kitchen island lets all of you handle the stove at the same time. The kitchen island is so designed that it places the stove where it can be reached from different directions. So, cooking becomes an enjoyable activity for everyone.

If you decide to have a kitchen island what are your available options? The market has a variety of Kitchen Island Ideas, from those that suit huge kitchens to those that just fit into a small and compact space. Many ideas for kitchen islands extensively use patterns and textures, so you may often find mosaic style patterns on the kitchen island surface. It can be a good idea to coordinate the kitchen island with the general color scheme of the kitchen if you have a small space. You can also set out small meals on a polished kitchen island surface for easy cook-and-serve arrangements. Make sure to choose materials that can be cleaned easily without leaving any stains. Polished or matte finish, solid color or intricately patterned, kitchen islands are becoming an important part of modern kitchens.


Kitchen Polished Look

Gloss seems to be the main theme for the kitchen island here. See how the matte walls perfectly balance the rich and polished jet-black kitchen island material.

Wow Kitchen Design

Wood interiors form a startling contrast with the designer tear-drop shaped blue kitchen island.

Fresh Kitchen Style

Quartz is a great material for a kitchen island. It can be kept easily cleaned and polished with a quick wet swipe.

Awesome Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Are you planning to use the area of your kitchen more effectively? Do you feel dismayed at the amount of mess and clutter that just keep piling up in your kitchen? Take a look at how you stock your supplies, because a well designed kitchen pantry can solve all your cleanliness woes. What is more, stylish Kitchen Pantry Ideas can give your kitchen a complete makeover while your jars and sauce bottles stay safely secure. Choosing a pantry for the kitchen means taking a good look at the size and shape of the space.

If you have a long kitchen area it is a good idea to go with horizontal shelves, built extra wide to store large pans and plates. You can also get a wall cupboard built so that the kitchen items remain within reach while the space looks clean and easy to walk through. To make it convenient to use items from the pantry have a mix of closed-door and open arrangements. You can also go for wooden cupboards with glass fronts so that you can locate the pantry items easily. For small and homely kitchens you can have a medium-sized cupboard on the floor, kept in a corner of the room as the kitchen pantry. In an extra small kitchen getting a corner cupboard with a series of racks is a smart move. For modern homes with wood and glass kitchens getting a stainless steel style matte finish cabinet for the pantry area can add to the style quotient. A functional and well designed kitchen pantry can add to your enjoyment of the kitchen.

Kitchen Curves

Shiny wooden large shelves are ideal to keep your large pots, pans, and plates in this beautiful long modern kitchen.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Pantry

Styled as a two-in-one arrangement, with open racks in front, and steel closed-door compartments on the side, this is an unusual kitchen pantry.

White Kitchen Pantry

A hanging wall arrangement is ideal to stack the everyday dishes neatly while closed-door storage spaces let you keep away more expensive kitchen items.

Marvelous Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are an important part of the whole kitchen design and they have a big role in creating a nice look for your kitchen. It is true that their main purpose is to provide ample storage space so that all the kitchen stuff fits in without any fuss but looks also have an association with the woodwork. The shade of the cabinets affects the overall decor to a large extent and therefore, must be attended to wisely. Talking about dark kitchen cabinets, they have had a timeless charm that seems set to stay here, rock solid and strong.

So, going for dark kitchen cabinets is a cool idea that is sure to reward you with a fabulous looking kitchen. Dark color brings sophistication to your kitchen and the place acquires a modernistic and warm hue that is good for eating and dining. If you want dark cabinets, you can have them in a total dark theme but the popular choice is the contrast color scheme. However, you must keep one point in mind that the maintenance of dark cabinets demands a little more than the lighter ones.

Smart Kitchen Cabinetry

White countertops and dark cabinets are ruling the roost in kitchen designing since they have a fabulous, contrast look.

Elegant Kitchen Cabinets

Black and grey kitchen cabinets look fine with the white walls and bring a graceful look to the kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen

Chestnut brown kitchen cabinets create a dramatic look and go well with the conventional look.

Breathtaking Paint Colors For Kitchens

s your kitchen paint job long overdue, or do you wish to give a completely brand color scheme to the walls to turn around the look? Are you looking for exciting color schemes that give your old-fashioned kitchen an elegant modern feel, or do you want to add a touch of brightness to your tiny cooking area? Whatever the reason for a paint job, a smart color scheme can totally makeover how your kitchen looks and feels. For small kitchens it is a good idea to try light shades like cream or plain white. You can also go for the all-white look for the walls and the ceiling if your kitchen has heavy wooden furniture.

The kind of lighting used in the kitchen can also highlight certain areas, like the kitchen backsplash or the place where you cook. If you have a vintage kitchen, try recessed lights for a clean light remodel. For kitchens with old-fashioned log beams you can balance the heavy look of the ceiling with light paint for the walls.

Subtle Kitchen Color

Muted gray and white make up the main color scheme while the chessboard style kitchen backsplash and a single textured black wall area complete the designer look.

Glittering Kitchen

A cream color scheme and light wood flooring come together in this large old style remodeled kitchen with recessed ceiling lights adding a contemporary touch.

My Pearl Kitchen

The fresh cream color for the walls makes a rich contrast with the warm brown wooden furniture in this homely kitchen.

Fantastic Outdoor Kitchen Designs

In today‘s time luxurious houses are using their backyard space to create cool outdoor kitchen areas. An outdoor kitchen with a small living area can make a beautiful extension to your house.

Modern concept of outdoor kitchen designs features almost everything that a regular kitchen has, but in a compact manner.

Viking Outdoor Kitchen

A complete Viking outdoor kitchen with Viking 53″ Grill and side burner, and a 12 ft granite buffet counter.

Outdoor Kitchen Idea

Wooden outdoor kitchen to cook exotic delicacies in the lap of nature.

Superb Kitchen Cabinets Design

Cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s style statement. No matter how beautiful or big the kitchen is, it is not complete without proper kitchen cabinet design. Cabinet not only help you in keeping the things systematically but also adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

If you love to cook you can really understand the importance of cabinets in kitchen. Check out some contemporary and some vintage style kitchen cabinet designs to give a much awaited makeover to your kitchen.

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