Inspiring Bathroom Ideas


Are you planning to use a new color scheme in your bathroom? Tired of the same old pale combinations that soothe you to sleep, and looking for a powerful and dramatic style statement? A classic combination to use in a bathroom is a color palette comprising just two colors, black and white. There is something about black and white that makes it a universally popular combination.

Perhaps it is the fact that chessboard are styled in black and white, and nature too presents this color combination on the bodies of beautiful animals like zebras, pandas, and koala bears. As you look at Black And White Bathroom Ideas you may find your memory connecting those other black and white visuals and adding a fresh dimension to how you look at the bathroom. You can style the floor in black and white, and go for white tiles for a toned down look,or go for a black and white patterned look overall. In a mainly white-painted bathroom you can just have one element in black such as the storage space, the tiles above the tub area, or the wallpaper in order to make an attractive contrast. If you are a chess lover just go with your imagination and do up your bathroom in the patterns of your favorite game. The interplay of black with white creates subtle drama on your bathroom walls, and whatever the size of the space, gives it a chic and contemporary feel.

Aqua Paint Bathroom

Rich aquamarine shades team up with warm wooden surfaces in this large bathroom. The horizontal sunlit screen brightens up the dark color palette.

Exciting Bathroom Color Scheme

Lemon green walls give a fresh and exciting look to this large bathroom while the black mosaic adds a dramatic touch.

Paint Color For Men’s Bathroom

Done up in varying shades of steel-gray this bathroom with wooden accessories seems to be a modern man’s dream bathroom space.

Useful Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A bathroom which can be comparatively smaller than the remaining rooms in the house can be a small bathroom and to make this small area appear contemporary, we can choose to go with some remodel bathroom ideas. Small bathrooms can generally serve few needs and help people to perform few functions. It can be a half bath, three-quarter bath or even full bath, but the area is too less in comparison. Therefore to over come this problem related to space few tips and model ideas are provided.

In general small bathroom remodel ideas can include the modifications that can be made on to the vanity cabinets, closet doors, walls and flooring of the closet. There can be a change or planed position to place toils seats, shower tubs sinks and more. Also the colours used in the room and other amenities used matters a lot to make a small bathroom appear proportional and less cramped.


A Classic Touch

The image given displays a clear classic remodel bathroom idea with a unique floral touch.

Cute Courtly Water Closet

The given image displays a bathroom remodel idea with a clear steam room. The pleasant colour tiles on the side wall enhance its appearance.

Ultramodern Sauna Styles

The given image is a contemporary Remodel bathroom idea with a classic colour background.

Wonderful Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces

A bathroom, small or big, is the most private area of the house, and you can deck it up to match your mood and style. You do not have to spend fortunes to get a neat designer look in your bathroom. Just look around the space, and you can see how to play with the lines. If you have a very narrow space, you can have an all-white color scheme with paintings all along the walls for an arty effect. If you love catching up on reads in the bathroom get a nice wrought iron storage shelf and keep all your favorite things there. Even a simple round mirror or interestingly shaped bath fittings can add a different look to your bathroom.

For a small space you can go for either small or big tiles, or play with both sizes of tiles, or try small black tiles with white grout lines for a dramatic touch. You can use mosaic tiles, which is surely one of the popular Bathroom Ideas For Small Spaces. Add a black and gold inlay border work for fresh excitement in your old bathroom, or simply use mosaic tiles to bring attention to the basin or commode area. You can also tile the walls in the regular horizontal pattern and lay out the floor tiles in an interesting diagonal look. Complete the look with quality lighting to play up the colors and patterns in your bathroom. Here are some cool small bathroom designs for inspiration.

Plush Bathroom

The warm wooden storage space matches the wood-paneled wall of this elegant small bathroom. Check out the elongated oval design of the basin and commode.


Elegant And Cool Space

A round mirror and an egg-shaped basin design flow well with the refreshingly cool blue theme of this small bathroom.

Small Designer Bathroom

You can add a designer touch to your small bathroom with large horizontal wall tiles and a strong black portion with white grouted lines for drama.

Eyecatching Bathroom Remodeling

So you have had your house renovated and done it up in good style. But what remains is the bathroom. You wish to remodel your bathroom and give it that special look and that unique touch of class, which would give you the kick of having done it all right. You want it, you desire it, but you do not know what exactly to do with it. This is the time you should seek to take ideas from others and apply it in your endeavor of giving your bathroom a new look.

Well, this surely does not need much from you. All that is needed is a little bit of creativity, a touch of planning, lot of innovation and a basic understanding of designing techniques. Some of the bathroom remodeling ideas are always those eureka moments when the designer comes up with something very extraordinary or when the owner has something really crazy up the sleeve. This and much more are what would give you the ideal bathroom and the dream bath, which would ensure that you bask in the pleasures of fantastic luxury and easy comforts. So let us now see how best to make our bathrooms look like perfect structures.

Disciplined Expressions

If you are a stickler to rules, you should have this specially designed bathroom for yourself. Make the rules of using the bathroom loud and clear and the rest would fall in place.

Prestigious White

White is pure and bathrooms are prestigious places of thoughts and planning. Enjoy all this and more in this uniquely designed bathroom with the best of pleasures and luxury.

The Wonder Bowl

Will you give it up for the world or would you want to share it with everyone? For when you have a bathroom like this, you need to decide fast whether to flaunt it or store it!


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