Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair


Women have been proud to have long hair since ancient times. Long hair, whether straight or curly, is a treasure that is worth the care it entails. These are some easy to maintain long hairstyles for women that you will love. The layered look or the shaggy look gives volume if you so desire. But even a blunt trim for long silky hair has a classy look that is unmatched by any complicate hairstyle. Whether your face is oval, round or square, there is a classic one to suit each one of you. They are versatile enough to go with most outfits.

Hairstyles come and go with changing trends. Trendy shorts or formal gowns long hair always looks great. These are a selection of long hairstyles for women to suit most preferences. Long hair looks superb even when just combed back neatly without adornment. But a stylish layered cut can give it more volume and look chic. Shaggy layers look good with modern and hip hop outfits as a rule, but sometimes can be carried off with formals. A blunt cut at the ends gives long hair a neat measured look that is a classic that never grows old-fashioned. There is a hairstyle for even the fussiest woman in this little collection.

Golden Blossom

Long golden hair in such a rich treasure of curls makes a superlative hairstyle. The hairpiece looks chic.

Layers To Be Proud Of

This young woman is surely proud of her long layered tresses. This hairstyle will suit modern outfits as well as formals.

Dark Cascade

What happens when dark curls cascade down like silk? This is the fantastic display that you get.

Cute Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair does not mean difficult to maintain, long hair does not necessarily mean tough to style. If you love the feel of your long tresses and do not want to give them up, there are many Cute Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair. You can style your hair in fresh long hairstyles for a party or a casual workday.

With long hair, the challenge is to keep the look fresh. Just a lot of long hair can sometimes be a bit boring. Layers and locks are great ways to bring an easy sense of movement to long hair. Styled in a mixture of steps and layers, long hair gets a bouncy feel. Many hairstyles that use waves, give a look of volume to the hair. Bangs are also a great style you can try with long hair. Ask the stylist for cute front bangs,letting them fall over your eyebrows. The combination of bangs and long hair strands can be super sexy. For an evening party, dress up your long hair with some roller action. Tease the bottom strands into dancing locks, to stand out in the crowd. You can side part your hair to softly let the layered strands fall over your face. A middle parting balances the hair on both sides of your face.

Wild Black Curls

This beauty displays her dense black curls along one shoulder. A hot look that highlights the other shoulder, which is bared.

Teasing Cute Hairstyle

Teased into intricate locks, the bottoms strands have a lovely textured look.

Wavy Easy Hairstyle

The hair is casually brushed back from the forehead, and left to flow down the shoulder in gorgeous waves.


We constantly wish to look in-vogue and different from all of the other people around us. We want to think that we are unique and that we stand out among the crowd. Hairstyles play a major role in defining and enhancing the shape of your face and making you stand out from everyone else. Making Long hairstyles usually feels like a tedious task, so most people seek quick and easy substitutes.

Easy hairstyles for long hair can give you instant cool or elegant look depending upon whatever look you would like to achieve with your hairstyle.

V Shaped Long Hair

Long and beautiful blonde hair cut in “V” shape with an angled bottom.

Hair Hanging On Face

Classic hairstyle easy and quick that allows your smooth straight hair hang along your face.

Spider Web In Hair

Thick long brown hair with beautiful curly swirls on lower length.

Terrific Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long wavy hairstyles are one of the favorite among the women. The long curls look absolutely gorgeous and give one a complete diva look anytime. The wave and curls on long hairs has a timeless appeal and stands out for it brings forth a perfect blend of softness and style. These hairstyles not only give a refreshing new look but also easily suits any facial structure and enhance the beauty.

Simple to carry, yet these hairstyles are striking and when dressed with a little variation they simply looks outstanding. Be it a half tied hair, a hair updo or a simple hair accessory, all works great on the wavy long hairs. Check out this collection and chose your style to discover the newer you.

Self Portrait

Beautiful long wavy hairs for you to get this attractive diva look as carried by the famous star.

Wavy Hairstyle

A much desirable wavy hairstyle which suits all the facial styles and gives a charming look to steal million hearts.

Fairy Hair

A desirable hairstyle with long wavy fairy hair, looks so desirable and is easy to carry but hard to get your eyes off them.A perfect fairyland hairstyle for the youthful women to flaunt.


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