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Exceptional Hair Color Ideas For Dark Hair

There are many ways in which you can style your dark hair to make it stand out in a crowd. If you already have a smart hairstyle the next thing you can do is give a colored look to your hair. The same old look of your dark tresses can be replaced by something magical and full of excitement when you use colorful shades like purple, blue or green. You can also pattern your hair in rainbow shades to give it a rich psychedelic look.

For short dark hair that you want to highlight a touch of gold is an amazing idea. You can also give a punk feel to the hair with a bright pink highlight for some of the strands. Go for rich shades of red to touch up your naturally dark hair, or try a blonde shade with a baby pink highlight to give your hair a punk look. You can also go for a woodland fairy look with a fantasy theme hair color in deep green. Hair Color Ideas For Dark Hair that look great without being too dramatic are shades of red, golden and even purple. You can make interesting blends in your dark hair with subtle touches of hair color. For a cute and fun look try dyeing only the bottom strands of your hair a vibrant red. You can dye the top of your hair with a dense navy blue shade to give yourself a funky new look. Instead of coloring all your hair you can simply color the front fringe, the side layers or the bottom tips of the tresses. For a special look at parties try soft touches of dramatic shades like vivid blue, violet or a pale pink for your dark brown hair. You can also choose a two-tone hair coloring idea like black and pink for an exciting new style.


Burnished Phoenix Hair Color

The waves in front of the hair are colored with a burnished red shade giving a dramatic look to the naturally dark and long tresses.

Navy Blue Color Touch

See how the inky blue shade used for the top of the dark hair nearly blends with the background in this picture.


Brown Touch

You can see the reddish-brown glow touch the bottom of the hair strands in this coloring idea for dark brown hair.

Deep Weedy Hair Color

Check out the rich deep green mysterious as a forest that is used to color the spiky pixie hairstyle.

Brunette Black Hair Color

The rich auburn shade with a pale undertone looks gorgeous on the top strands of the hair in this dark hair color idea.

Phenomenal Hair Highlight Ideas

Styling and adorning the hair is an age-old custom. Women from ancient times have spent hours grooming their hair and creating wonderful hairstyles. Experimenting with different colors and dyes too is a custom that never goes out of fashion. In fact, coloring the hair has evolved so much that one can get shades in all the colors of the rainbow and more. These are some hair highlight ideas that are true trend setters. The various combinations range from traditional blonde and brown highlights to vibrant blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, etc. There is no limit to ones imagination where highlighting is concerned.

Highlights are a very popular trend because they can turn an ordinary hairstyle into a trend setter. They give the hairstyle a different look. Highlights range from traditional blonde and whitish shades to very vivid blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, etc. There is no limit to the number of colors and shades available for highlights. These are a few ideas of hair highlights that enhance the hairstyle making a marked difference. Even a simple combo of dark hair with blonde highlights looks different. So when you use unusual colors they hairstyle is bound to be a surefire attention grabber.

Black And Grey

Black hair with light grey highlights is a fantastic combination especially with an updo that shows it off so well.

Black With Pink

Vivid pink highlights with black hair enhance the hip hop look of this very trendy hairstyle.

Natural Brown And Blonde

Blonde highlights have given this layered bob of natural brown hair a beautiful look that worth copying.

Wicked Ways To Rock Blue Hair!

Not so long ago, blue hair was seen as a sign of rebellion and a punk lifestyle. These days, though, shades of blue hair, along with other bright hair colors, are becoming more and more commonplace. Dying your hair blue is more of a sign of individuality than rebellion, and it’s typically seen as very pretty.

There are so many different shades of blue hair out there today, ranging from dark blue to bright blue to pastel blue. Shades of teal and turquoise hair are also becoming very popular and trendy right now. Some people choose to dye all of their tresses a shade of blue, while others just highlight certain parts of their hair. For instance, the underneath layers of the hair can be dyed blue for a subtle pretty look, as can the tips of the hair. The same is true for blue streaks in hair and blue highlights and low lights.

Blue Long Hair With Bangs

Blunt bangs and wavy bright blue hair with subtle perfect highlights? A perfect combination!

Dark Blue Long Hair

A dark blue shade gives long straight hair an intense look.

Neon Blue Hair

Want a brighter look? This neon blue haircolor should do the trick!

Green Hair Color Ideas That Just Might Work

Green hair is dreaded by blonde swimmers everywhere. The chlorine in pools is known for turning light hair into an ugly shade of dull green. This is one of the reasons that some people tend to shy away from green hair color.

However, green hair color ideas don’t have to be unattractive. In fact, when done right, green hair color ideas can look absolutely smashing! The trick is to choose the right color or colors of green hair dye. You can use a bright green, dark emerald green, or light pastel green, or any shade in between. There are also a few different ways to dye your hair green too. You can opt for some green streaks, an allover color, or a green ombre.

If you’re looking for some great green hair color ideas, look no further! We’ve found some of the best green hair color ideas out there!

Black to Dark Green Ombre Hair

A black to green ombre is one of the more subtle green hair color ideas, but it’s still gorgeous!

Dark Green Highlights in Short Black Hair

Short dark hair gets an interesting and colorful lift with some dark green highlights.

Dark Green to Mint Ombre

A dark green color segues into a beautiful mint green hair color for a pretty green ombre style.


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