Creative Emo Hairstyles and Haircuts


The emo culture which started way back in the 1980s has come a long way in all these years. The emo hairstyles, a manifestation of the popular punk music culture, too went through many ups and downs but still holds a strong charm for guys and gals. The emo hairstyles for guys are about sporting a cool and funky look with bright and vibrant colors. However, it champions individualism above all else. Therefore, it cannot be bracketed in a particular style or look.

The emo hairstyles for guys revolve around dark, long hair with highlights.

There are many admirers among the not so fairer sex of this hairstyle and they grow their hair and go for all kinds of dyes and sprays to get a perfect emo look. Being sexy and mysterious, the hairstyle makes you acquire a sensuous charm which is very appealing. If you are thinking of getting it to sit on your mane, then get ready to do some hard work. Emo hairstyles need care and grooming. We can give you some help through this post regarding ideas and inspirations as it has 30 emo hairstyles for guys in different fashion. Do check it out.

Dashing Look

Dark asymmetric hair with spikes and some bangs hanging on front look glamorous and funky.


Kohl Eyes

This bob haircut with uneven angular edges and slanting bangs on front makes for a sober emo look.

Red Hair

Another long hairstyle reaching up to shoulders with layers and shades of red worn with a side parting.

Groovy Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Not everyone can sport an edgy hairstyle. There are women who go for a short bob cut or a crew cut and think that they have done something crazy but the epitome of craze and eccentricity is evident only in the emo haircuts. The style which emerged out of the punk culture is a medley of wild and cool features. You are free to try everything. Rebellion is worshipped and experiment typifies it in the best manner. Contrary to notions, it is not just the dark elements that rule the roost in the emo hairstyles for girls. Colors of soft shades worn as highlights or throught the hair are prime examples.


Young girls are really crazy about emo haircuts. They go out of their way to convince their parents to let them try it on themselves and once it is done they flaunt it in style. By now you must be getting excited about the looks that are created when emo haircuts get shaped on the locks. So, we take you on a wild tour of 45 emo hairstyles for girls that have amazing variety and style. Take a serious look and you are going to feel a mix of emotions churning inside yourself.


The sisters are emo haircut fans and have got the same style in different colors so that others can make out the difference.

Emo Touch

The crazy girl holds her waist length, jagged layers in her hands looking saucy in the emo haircut.

Solo Highlight

A streak of purple on the front gives the short haircut a zing.


Spread around in a loose fashion with a side parting, the dark hair exudes the wild essence of emo hairstyle.

Just Smile

The girl with short, dark uneven haircut and tilted bangs smiles at her teddy.


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