Couple Tattoos Design Ideas to Inspire you

Couple Tattoos Design Ideas

Getting matching couple tattoos are a great way to show how committed you are to the person that you have fallen in love with. 

Couple tattoos may have different meanings, inspirations, relevance or it could just be a mere fanaticism. If you have planned to get one, make sure you are getting it with the right person, or else later you might have to shell out dollars to get a cover-up tattoo.

Even worse, you could end up deciding that you don’t want the tattoo on your body at all and that will require laser removal, which is an extremely painful and costly procedure. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful when getting a couple tattoo.

Anyway, couple tattoos look very cute and are fun to show off to your friends and family members. Couple tattoos are unique to each individual out there and they come with a love story attached to them.

That is why couple tattoos are so much more discussed than any other type of tattoos out there. The list below is a collection 30 cool couple tattoos, which may help you get some inspiration if you’re thinking of getting a couple tattoo of your own.

Couple Tattoos You Can Have To Show Your Love

Letting Love

“Letting Love Find A Way” inked in attractive bold style.


Hi-Tech Love Symbol

Tiny robotic figures on their arms to show a unique connection between them.

Lazy Sunday

Colorful leg tattoos that include a Russian doll and a girl’s portrait on woman’s leg and skull and rose piece with other flowers on guy’s.

Sweet Matching Couple Tattoos That Will Make You Swoon

The couple that gets tattoos together, schmooze together, they say. Well, maybe they don’t really say that, but matching couple tattoos can be quite the bonding experience. Unlike name tattoos, matching couple tattoos come with fewer regrets. By themselves, they are standalone tattoos. By opting for a matching couple name tattoo, you wont have a constant permanent reminder of your ex-lover if there’s trouble in paradise.

There are so many great couples tattoos to choose from, though! No matter what type of matching tattoos you’re looking for—sweet fun, romantic—we’ve found lots of great ideas for you! Check out these matching couple tattoos for a little inspiration!

Mr. and Mrs.

Just married? Consider these cute Mr. and Mrs. matching tattoos on the ring fingers!

Key and Lock Matching Couples Tattoos

If your lover holds the key to your heart, these key and lock matching tattoos might be just the thing. The key isn’t too feminine to be worn by a man, and the heart lock is super cute for the ladies.


Matching Tin Can Telephone Tattoos

I absolutely adore these matching heel tattoos! The tin can telephone tattoo design is so sweet!


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