Cool Half Sleeve Tattoos Design


Nautical Half Sleeve Tattoos

Whether you live in the south, like to scuba dive, or are just a fan of the style, nautical themes are certainly a great tattoo choice. In addition to the nice coloring and shading that often comes with nautical tattoos, there is a lot of additional imagery that can be added as well, giving people an endless sea of options to choose from. This not only allows for nautical tattoos to be made into unique masterpieces, but it also allows people to be more creative with them.

Considering how big and beautiful they often are, nautical tattoos are usually found on the upper or lower arm, and tend to take up a lot of space.

A Neat Nautical Boat Wheel and Compass Tattoo

Boat wheels are compasses (for obvious reasons) are some of the most common images associated with nautical tattoos.

Nautical Themed Colored Octopus With Shark

A perfect example of just how colorful, creative, and vibrant nautical tattoos can be!

Black and White With A Boat, Rough Waves, and A Sea Monster! 

This one is actually almost large enough to be a full sleeve.

Astonishing Tattoo Sleeve Ideas To Look Into

The trend of tattoos is becoming stronger with each passing day. Men and women from all age groups are going for the classic body art in large numbers. They want to wear their love for tattoos on their sleeves, literally as well as metaphorically. This to say that sleeve tattoos are very much in demand and so is the demand for tattoo sleeve ideas. Since, the sleeve is an exposed body part; no one wants to give it a casual treatment. The wearers want the best and are willing to expand handsome amounts for a fabulous sleeve tattoo design.

Whether half sleeve, quarter sleeve or full sleeve; tattooing on this part of the body takes time. Therefore, one must be prepared to undergo long and multiple sessions with the artist but you can be assured that the patience and money will be worth it. If you are looking for some fancy tattoo designs to grace your sleeve, then have a look at this post. It exhibits 39 wonderful sleeve tattoos. You are sure to get nice inspirations after this observation.

Cool Full Sleeve

Check out this unique and somewhat kinky tattoo sleeve idea that is sure to ring a bell in the hearts of those who love eccentricity.

Koi Sleeve Tattoo

The koi fish, swirling around the sleeve with waves and flowers looks very catchy and meaningful. It symbolizes the wearer’s hardy and resolute nature. He does not give up under any circumstance.

Butterflies Sleeve Tattoo

The beautiful multicolored butterflies fluttering around a pair of red hearts look very lovely. They symbolize the joyful state of the girl who has fallen in love.

Colorful Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

The broad and powerful muscular arm of a man forms a great canvas for permanent ink designs. Bikers especially enjoy showing off intricately inked tattoos on their well-built upper arms. The effects of the colors and lines, inked on rippling muscles, is immediate and impactful.

Half sleeve tattoo ideas for men communicate a secret language, that of fantasies, dreams and desires. It is the design that often carries the deepest dreams of the person getting a tattoo. Be it a design showing a pretty Japanese maiden, or one showing a wise owl, or a fantasy theme tattoo, each has its special flavor and feel. Many half sleeve tattoos are inked in a combination of vivid colors, to give an arresting look to the powerful biceps. For a subtle artistic look, a tattoo is often inked in a monochromatic palette, and may often have a pencil sketch effect. Roses, women, sailing ships, gnarled trees, deer and kings are some common themes in half sleeve tattoos. The rounded upper arm is an ideal surface to tell a story, with elements from a fairytale. Mushrooms, pretty trees, cottages and monster encounters often bring out a grownup man’s inner child, in sleeve arm tattoo designs.

Call Of The Forest Tattoo

A wild deer with graceful horns makes for a cool half sleeve tattoo idea for men.


Owl Sleeve Tattoo

Fantasy elements like castles, a gnarled tree and an owl, blend in this half sleeve tattoo.

Inking A Half Sleeve Tat

This delicately inked tattoo showing tsunami waves, mixes ferocious lines with a soft feel. A showcase for traditional Chinese art.

Groovy Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Currently, the hottest tattoo designs among men are half sleeve tattoos for men.

There are several reasons for this which we will be discussing below but the main reason is the fact that they can be covered up if needed but also look great at the right time as well.

Half sleeved tattoos look amazingly attractive and it is no longer the tattoo of choice for rockers or bikers only. Instead, a lot of different men out there from all walks of life are getting half sleeve tattoos. There are many different styles and patterns that you can choose from when it comes to getting a half sleeve tattoo. However, you have to be very careful about choosing the design that is right for you, because half sleeve tattoos are pretty big and they will be with you for the rest of your life.

Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoo Demon

Awesome strokes, great shade work and a killer theme of a Japanese demon.

Graffiti Tag Doves

Custom-designed half sleeve featuring a graffiti tag, doves and several other elements.

Black Tiger Roaming

A black tiger in attacking mode designed with fantastic taste.

Captivating Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For 2013

Tattoos are a combination of artistic endeavors and personal preferences. The wearer decides where he or she wants the tattoo to be. Sometimes a person wants a tattoo on the arm, like a sleeve. A sleeve is normally created when a person tries to connect smaller tattoos in the background with a design. These days, such sleeve tattoos are gaining lot of popularity. This has given rise to the concept of half sleeve tattoos. There are innumerable varieties and designs in these kind of tattoos.

Half sleeve tattoo designs are those tattoos, which cover half portion of the arm. This is usually just above the elbow. Sometimes it is also the area below the elbow. A sleeve means anything that covers the entire arm. So, a half sleeve means that which covers a portion of the arm. These tattoos are these days, very much in vogue and provide you with sufficient reason to introduce a style quotient. Such tattoos have all kinds of designs and varieties of patterns. They have their unique design and make way for a new fashion trend to set in. Thus, half sleeve tattoos have stormed the fashion world and have set a path towards stylish success. Let us see some of the half sleeve tattoos and explore their designs.

Legendary Tales Half Sleeve Tattoo

Sometimes you can create your own legend with lot of elegance and grandeur. It is a great way of putting a tattoo.

Facial Imaginations

Have the most preferred faces on your hand and let the world sit back and relish your views.

Musical Note

Enjoy your music tastes with something more than the usual. It gives a sense of being in paradise.


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