Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts


Hairstyles take a trend based on how best people like them and how they are able to create an impression on others. Short bobs have always been in fashion and it is an easy way of having a great makeover. The stacked bob can be stacked back neatly and styled to give the added volume look to the hair. You would look very much in fashion with this hairstyle, which not only looks impressive but has its own uniqueness too. The stacked look is best seen on wavy hair.


The stacked bob haircut is a great hairstyle for those who have thin hair. The hair at the back is usually stacked to give it a neat bob look. But to have a stacked bob hair cut, it is best to have the latest trend of inverting the stack so that the hair has a different look. Some even enhance it with bangs. The few streaks of hair color added to it, only makes you stand out in a crowd. If you want a casual look, you could choose the medium or long hair and give it a casual look with a simple cut. This hairstyle not only accentuates the features of the face but also makes your neck look longer thus giving you cool diva look.

Simple Delight

Delight yourself to simple treatments but make sure what you are a fashion statement in yourself.

Purple Passion

Purple is beautiful, purple is in. It always pays to be a wonderful fashion diva with simple makeovers.

Elegant Fall

Enjoy the elegant manner in which your hair falls and bask in the delights of all the attention you would get.

Crumpled Wonders

Crumple the hair and let this wonderfully fall on the sides with class and style. This is a great way to enjoy your look.

The Nest

Have this fashion nest on your head and get into a crowd with style and grace. All are surely going to appreciate your look.

Wonderful Layered Bob Haircuts

If you are looking for a hairstyle that’s easy to manage and also makes your hail look bouncy and beautiful, a layered bob haircut can be a good choice. Essentially a bobbed haircut that uses layers on the sides or back, this hairstyle looks good almost on everyone. The stylish combination of hair cut at different levels goes well with the short haircut to bring out of the beauty of glossy tresses. Whether the hair length is short or medium in the bobbed style, the layers provide a great frame for the face, keeping your hair looking stylish at all times.

Layered Bob Haircuts come in a variety of styles, from haircuts with deep front bangs to those that play with different layer lengths.
For a regular look a layered haircut with a simple bobbed style works really well. As a stylish variation you can go for an asymmetrical look with the hair cut short in an inverse ‘V’ on the side of your face. Another cool way to style your hair with a blend of layers and bobs is to have the hair longer in front and shorter at the back. Get the layers to curve in towards your face for a chic and feminine look. You can also go for a fresh style by getting your front hair cut in short layers while styling the back is in a short bob that just touches your neck. A hint of highlight can also add a different dimension to a bobbed haircut with layers. Check out these easy to maintain superb hairstyles.

Black Bob With Layers

Check out this cute and trendy black bobbed haircut with the side layers cut in an inverse ‘V’ shape.

Layered Blonde Hairstyle

A medium bob with hair reaching a little below the shoulders the layers are cut in an uneven style for a trendy look.

Stylish Inverted Bob Haircut

The short hairstyle is always correlated with rebellion and change but the one that is considered a tad sexy and saucy is the inverted bob haircut. Though every hairstyle has its own class and specialty, the inverted bob haircut looks markedly distinct. Women of all ages, be it in their twenties or forties, are a big fan of this stylish cut. Whenever they are bored with their any type of mane, the thought of going for the bob cut invariably crosses their mind and the inverted bob provides with umpteen cool options. Drooping up to the neck with narrowed ends the style is indeed cool and classy.

The inverted bob haircut sits pretty on curly as well as straight hair. When bangs and highlights are infused in them it becomes all the more charismatic and funky. The summers have arrived and short haircut is in vogue. So, why not try out some fun and drama? Check out the inverted bob cut hairstyles here. The varied styles and flattering looks will surely floor you and you are going to get one of them to adorn your crowning glory. So, here we go with the list.

Inverted Bob Haircut – Stylish Haircuts

Stylish Haircuts: Gorgeous Hair

Cropped above the ears the bouncy bob cut with parted side and drooling bangs on front ooze style and class.

Got My Hairs Done

Cool inverted bob cut hairstyle with tapering edges reaching up to ears and steps at the back.

Enticing Shaggy Bob Haircut Ideas

Hairstyles have undergone a great makeover these days and have created ideal fashion statements in their own way. Of late, shaggy haircuts are getting to be more, trendier, and classy with a touch of personal impressions in most of them. This is what makes them unique and also sets them apart from the rest of the other hairstyles in the fashion world. These hairstyles are unique ways of wearing hair, which have brought about the much needed change in the overall look of a person.


With the entry of the chin length shaggy bob haircut, the short razor cut layers and heavy bangs are back again. This is a style that can be achieved by blow drying and creating a lift at the base of the hair. Then you would have to go for flat ironing thus giving it a sleek finish. Apply wax at the ends and get the much needed textured look. Most of the Hollywood stars have this hairstyle and many remember Meg Ryan having this look in the movie “You‘ve Got Mail.“ So if you are having plans to sport this haircut, go through the designs below, and take your pick from the lot. All of them are suited for your requirements and give you perfect delights.

Nested Wonders

Nest it up and let your hairdo attract all the attention wherever you go. You would love to bask in the delights of being in the limelight.

Beautiful Brown

Express it to beautiful women and make them a part of the hairstyle models. They are sure to win all the accolades.

Short N Sweet

Shorten your hair and have this sweet look, which is a winner all the way. This is one way of making your wildest dreams come true.


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