Best Hairstyles With Bangs – Ideas for Haircuts With Bangs


Playful Hairstyles With Bangs And Layers

The problem with hairstyles is there are hairstyles and there is hair. The choices are plenty and the styles are mind-boggling; there is thick hair and there are fine strands; there is short hair and there are long tresses; there is brown, blond and golden hair. Not every style suits every hair type and yet occasions keep coming up.

You need to look professional for your boardroom presentation, or look hot and appealing for that very special date, and of course there is that night out with girls which you had been looking forward to since many days. You want to look bold; you want to look elegant and make heads turn. In such a situation, hairstyles with bangs and layers is probably what you are looking for. Bangs make you look innocent and charming, whereas layers add a dimension of mystique to your whole personality. The best thing about bangs and layers is they suit just any type of hair. While short hair with bangs has its own boyish appeal, nothing is more feminine than perhaps tresses falling in soft waves down your shoulders. So, enjoy these amazing hairstyles with bangs!

A Mystery

The brown tresses of Simona, deliberately styled into unkempt layers, accentuate her flawless skin to perfection.

Spirited Beauty

The silver layered tresses of this lady, against a backdrop of a gorgeous black outfit would send many hearts racing.

Bouncy Blonde

Fashionable blonde short hairstyle with a side bang enhances the seductive look of the individual in the snap.


Smoky Bob

A long angular side swept bang with uneven layered bob appears trendy in the smoke. This snap can be a clear citation for beauty in smoke and side fangs.

Brilliant Bright Hair Color Ideas For Bangs

Bright hair color ideas are quickly gaining popularity these days. Rainbow colored hair isn’t just for rebellious teenagers anymore either. Men and women of all ages are looking for eye catching bright hair color ideas! Whether you choose a bright pink, rebellious blue, or any color in between, you can be sure to get a few second looks and at least a couple of compliments on your bright hair!

Not everyone is quite ready to dye their entire head of hair a shocking color, though. Streaks and highlights of a bright color are popular ways to add color without being too overwhelming, but another way to add color is by dying the bangs. The bangs, or front part of the hair, can be dyed completely for a bright chunk of color at the top of the face, or bangs can be streaked or highlighted with a bright color for a more subtle look. Peek-a-boo colored bangs are also a super pretty, yet subtle, look.

Half Green Bangs

Streaked Purple Bangs

For a bolder purple hair look, it’s hard to go wrong with some rich purple streaks!

Long Purple Bangs

Bright hair color ideas for bangs also work well in long layered bangs too!

Sensational Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs

If you are looking for a playful way to style your hair getting bangs is a good idea. For a playful and flirty look you can go for very deep bangs that nearly hide your eyes. On the other hand, if showcasing your eyes is what you are looking for, try a hairstyle in which the bangs just reach your eyebrows, brushing them with a kiss. With the eyebrows hidden by your bangs it is your eyes that everyone will be focusing on when they look at you. Between very deep bangs and eyebrow-length bangs you can also go for shallow regular bangs that cover some of your foreheads.

As a stylish look that takes very little maintenance cutting your hair to mid-length is a good idea. Style the front hair with bangs and you can have a great frame for your face.

Hot Haircut With Bangs

Elegant brown hair just reaching the shoulders goes well with the thick front bangs in this sexy hairstyle.

Chic Look With Bangs

Straight black hair makes for a winning combination with a deep side parting in this chic hairstyle.


Golden Hairstyle

The series of layers in this hairstyle bring out the golden shine while gentle layered strands frame one side of the face.


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