Best Foot Tattoo Ideas and Designs with Significant Meanings


Sexy Foot Tattoos For Girls

Foot tattoos has been a trend among women since ever. It can give them a much desired distinguished style statement. Foot tattoos for girls can be anything from a floral design to something with a profound meaning.

Foot tattoos are girls‘ favorite for it is one of the sexiest spots to tattoo. However, since a foot is highly exposed area, one needs to take special care to maintain its striking appeal. Once you are ready to take additional precautions to sustain your foot tattoo, then wait no further and pick an idea from the list below.

Fantail On Foot

A sweet fantail to express love for this heritage of New Zealand.

Pink Hearts On Foot

Two small pink hearts looped to one another, also sporting a blue tinge.

Flower On Top Of Foot Tattoo

Gorgeous design of a flower design for a simply beautiful piece on foot.


Dandelion Flower Foot Tattoo

This Dandelion Foot Tattoo is very well done and looks great!


Vine Foot Tattoo

If you want something small but sweet, this Vine Foot Tattoo could be for you.

Star Foot Tattoo

This tattoo will have you seeing stars. Literally!


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