Best Ear Piercing Ideas

Ear Piercing Ideas

Though they may not be the most popular piercings around by any means, vertical industrials are beloved by many people around the world. In fact, they are most likely a lot more common than you might think.

Neat Vertical Industrial Piercing Ideas

To showcase some of the best ones while also teaching you a little bit about these piercings, we’ve created the appealingly informative list below. So, whether you’re looking to get one for yourself or just wanting to check out some neat piercings, be sure to check out the images below!

Also commonly referred to as either the bar scaffold piercing or the construction piercing, a vertical industrial sits upright and perforates two separate pieces of ear cartilage.

In addition to looking very unique and being able to catch the eye of your friends, these piercings are also very enjoyable for piercing artists, giving them a much-needed break from normal, single perforations.

As you may have guessed, the two holes need to be lined up perfectly in order for the piercing to properly go through both, therefore a lot of extra precaution, planning, and preparation go into vertical industrials.

Though it may not sound like it after reading the description, vertical industrials can actually be very subtle if done the right way. However, the piercing’s discreetness does depend heavily on the color of the bar, the positioning of the piercing, and the amount of hair that you have covering it.

Fortunately for those interested in getting a vertical industrial for themselves, the piercings are not at all out of the ordinary for most shops, and though there are two perforations, they are actually very easy to take care of. In fact, piercing artists will tell you, all you need is some basic cleaning products!

1. A Very Standard, Yet Very Appealing Vertical Industrial Piercing For Men

Though this piercing is rather standard, it still looks great. As you can see, the silver bar is going through not one, but two different parts of the same ear!

2. A Neat Vertical Industrial Piercing With Conch Extensions

Known (in the piercing world) as conch extensions, these neat perforation add-on’s look great and are certainly very stylish. A great choice for anyone wanting to show off their ear jewelry!


 3. An Intertwining Vertical Industrial Piercing

Something that will certainly have no trouble at all sticking out, and a great choice for those who are bored of (or uninterested in) basic vertical industrial piercings!

Migraine Curing Daith Piercings

Located on the ear’s inner shell and often done with either small rings or studs, daith piercings have become wildly popular as of late. In addition to the stylish look that they employ, they are also incredibly convenient, considering how much healing they can do for those who suffer from severe headaches. In fact, many people get daith piercings for the sole purpose of ridding themselves from migraines. So, whether you are looking for a stylish inner ear piercing, or a permanent cure for your headaches, the list below should certainly be of help!

1. A Very Standard And Very Simple Daith Piercing

In addition to the single daith ring, there are also some neat golden studs below, allowing the entire ear to look great, not just the inner shell.

2. A Golden Ear Masterpiece

This unique design features a rather noticeable golden daith, alongside three additional golden studs.

3. A 14kt Golden Daith Face!

Featuring a 14kt gold piece dipped in 22kt gold, this design is certainly a great choice for those looking to show off their piercings and brag to their friends!


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