Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Inspire You

Backyard Landscaping

Every home owner wishes for a fabulous dwelling space and wants each and every corner to be beautiful.

Exotic Backyard Landscape Ideas

All of us work hard on making it a reality and whether it is the front or the hind part, no stone is left unturned to spruce up space. Well, the backyard of a home is that corner that has come to acquire new meaning from the point of view of decoration.

This is why people are looking for backyard landscape ideas to create a bubbling and bewitching backyard. The small space is receiving a huge amount of interest and the good news is that there is no scarcity of ideas.

The backyard can be adorned in various manners. If you want to give it a simple and serene look then having a nice grass bed and plants would be enough. However, if you are looking for a bit more elaborate design then you can create ponds, rivulets, exotic flower beds, etc. Here we have created a post that will throw more light on backyard design ideas.

Awesome Backyard Garden

Paved with white stones, designed with plants, flowers and nice fencing; the backyard presents an alluring portrait to the eyes.


The Backyard Garden

Create a small natural and green dwelling in the backyard of your home using the gray, small bricks, paver patio design.

Stylish Backyard Garden

This backyard landscape idea serves aesthetic purpose to the hilt, creating a nice, small garden in the place.

Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas Which Look Exceptional

Planning to give the tired looking backyard of your house a makeover? Want to touch it up with plenty of greens and flowers? An attractive way to do up your backyard is by landscaping it. Landscape designs work on different kinds of backyards to transform them into aesthetically pleasing scenes. Picture pebbles with shaded green areas, or tall trees rising amidst areas of vibrant flowers. This gives you some idea about the magic of landscaping.

Overlap Backyard Landscape

The pavers and the smooth concrete path are set in an artistic manner so that they create a V shape for the greens.

Designer Backyard

The dip in the smooth dining area creates an apple like shape for this interesting backyard landscaping project.

Backyard Colors

Take a look at the arrangement of smooth pebbles and matte finish wooden planks in this curvy landscaping idea.

Wonderful Tropical Landscaping Ideas

There are many fresh ways in which you can do up the front of your house using amazing landscape ideas. If you want to create a look that is rich in drama and magic, full of whispering plants and flowers in the brightest of shades, Tropical Landscaping Ideas can work wonders. The rich green of the tropical plants and the amazing variety and displays of tropical flowers all make magic in neatly laid out designs. The combination of a fresh smooth green lawn with a wild tropical bush can be very attractive and give the front of your house a stunning new look.

It does not matter what the size of the project is, you can always make magic by creatively using tropical plants or grasses in your landscape design. A tiny landscape project with pebbles arranged in a curvy manner can look delightful when you plant some tropical blooms. You can use the spread out leafy tropical plants to give a rich look to your garden. You can also have the magical coconut trees in the backdrop of your design to give the front of your home a tropical paradise feel. Date palms with their sturdy spiky trunks and stiff green leaves give a flavor of the hot desert to a landscape project. To give a touch of color to any landscape project try flowering creepers of the tropical variety. Bougainvillea in shades of deep pink have their own romance, and they can look beautiful when draped over doorways or the stony boundaries of landscaped areas. The golden shades of marigold flowers and the fresh white hue of chrysanthemum can look delightful amidst the green lawns in a landscape design idea. Take a look at some stunning tropical landscape design project pictures.

Tropical Alternating Landscaping

The alternating lines of palm fronds, dense shrubs, and green grass give a look of rich green to this landscape idea.

Green Fresh Landscaping

The bright and fresh green hues of the grass combine with the date palm to give a great look to this tiny landscape project.

Bougainvillea Landscaping

The fairytale like deep pink hues of bougainvillea plants give a tropical look full of drama and color to this pretty landscape idea.

Splendid Home Landscaping Ideas

A home is incomplete without a garden. Small or large, a garden with some greenery gives the home a welcoming and pleasant look. Landscaping a garden can be a DIY attempt or done through professionals. Either way, a little imagination and creativity go a long way in producing artistic results. These are some home landscaping ideas that give the home facades a superb look. Rocks, flowering plants, fountains, different shades of green bushes, well-trimmed hedges, rough natural looking plants and even a organic indoor farm…there is no limit to what one can do with landscaping. Combination of small bushes with big trees also looks great.

A stonework walkway, wooden paths, lawns, garden ornaments, garden furniture, flowering plants, prickly bushes, rocks, stones, pebbles, etc…and the list goes on. The sky is the limit where creating a garden is concerned. Even roughly cut rocks look good along with flowering plants. Add a fountain and you have an exotic garden. Here are some ideas of home landscaping that you will definitely like. A home without a landscaped garden looks bereft. These ideas range from simply attractive to really fantastic. They are ideas that suit varying budgets and different garden sizes so that there is just the perfect garden for each one of you.

Portico And Lawn

The pebbles match the stonework portico creating a really welcoming look in this home landscape.


Dual Color Hedges

Red and green alternating hedges provide a superb balance for the stark whiteness of the approach in this home landscaping.

Rustic Landscaping

For a rustic home landscape this combo of rocks, stones, flowering plants, bushes and wooden approach is superb.

Exciting Rock Landscaping Ideas

A landscaped garden looks neat and organized. And when you add rocks and stones it gets a natural look that has greater appeal. These are some rock landscaping ideas that cover a large variety of spaces and areas. From a small space too one can create a very lovely rock landscaped garden. Large lawns have an appeal of their own and when you put some colored rocks it becomes your own piece of heaven on Earth. Rock landscaped gardens are a delight to see and a pleasure to use as sit outs. The make perfect little breakfast nooks for a cozy twosome.

Ideas for rock landscaping can range from small to large; and from low-budget to expensive. There is no limit to the ideas one can come up with when designing a landscaped garden. There are some landscaped gardens in this collection that look almost like the DIY kind of idea. They may be small but give the home a welcoming look. All these ideas are easy to create and have an aesthetic appeal that makes them irresistible. A well mowed lawn, a rustic arrangement of small stones and big rocks and some flowering plants is all that it takes to create your own heaven on Earth.

Oriental Heaven

The pagoda style home and the landscaped garden with green bushes of different heights look like heavenly.

Circular Theme

The circular turf and square-shaped stone pavement give this landscaped garden an attractive look.

Enchanted Nook

This is a comfortable looking sit out with its flowering plants and well landscaped rock garden.

Unbelievable Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The entrance of the house speaks volumes about the design and the sense of style of the house owner. The walkway to the house must be highly impressive but at the same time, it should be simple and attractive. There are several front yard landscaping ideas that one can opt for like the traditional look, in which, a white picket fence is used as the boundary of the house and the paving material can be of stone or bricks, which will lend a polished look to the house. Plants which have a structured look go well with this colonial setting.

Rhododendron is a good choice as it gives structure and substance both. A stone waterfall placed near the entry of the house can also be a good option for front yard. For a rustic look, the entrance must have dense fruit plantations on each side, which give a country essence to the yard. At the front, classic picket fence can be used. Country style is informal so the pathways should be of gravel and cobblestone. To achieve the minimalist look which does not require mowing. There can be a lawn of gravel, with little plantations and shrubs with a simple concrete pathway will give a simple yet elegant look to the yard.

Lightning Of Five Senses

A thousand splendid suns come alive with this lightning in the front yard. There are tall palm trees and small shrubs with tinge of lights within them.

Landscaping Ideas: Green Delight

Small plantations outside, with the house aligned on one side. Great to have a look at the morning sun.

House Of Five Senses

A house in the wilderness with trees all around beautified with a lantern and a small bird house at the entrance of the house.


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