7 Places that Provide Cool Backgrounds for Your Computer


If you are searching for cool backgrounds, the best thing that you can do is to forget about looking for a standard background and instead think about the coolest place that you can imagine. Often, these places are going to provide you with stunning backgrounds due to their natural beauty. Once you figure out what place to search for, it is easy to find a great photograph to use as a background.

banff lake
Banff Lake

It is not necessary to have been to a place in order to know if it is worthy of being used as your desktop picture. Just browse through pictures of some of the incredible places listed below and you will see that places you have never visited could be more stunning than you can imagine. In fact, the picture might even influence you to travel there one day.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast

7 Places that Provide Cool Backgrounds for Your Computer

1. The Amalfi Coast. Located in Italy, this stretch of coastline is gorgeous because of the towering cliffs and the colorful houses looking out over the ocean. You can also get some great pictures of sailboats on a sea that men have been sailing for thousands of years.


2. Santorini. An island off the coast of Greece, this place calls itself “The Most Beautiful Island in the World.“ Like the Amalfi Coast, it has incredible cliffs over the water. There are white and blue houses everywhere, providing the classic image of Greece.




3. Banff National Park. Banff has produced no shortage of cool backgrounds, thanks to the Canadian Rockies. This mountain range stretches toward a clear blue sky, and the forest is almost unbroken by buildings or roads. Nestled in among those trees are clear blue lakes that reflect the mountains back in perfect clarity.

4. The Grand Canyon. This is one of the best natural wonders in the world. Pictures cannot do it justice – it looks so much bigger in person – but they are still breathtaking.

5. Acadia National Park. Found on an island in Maine, this park is ringed with mountains and covered in a cedar forest. You can find pictures that look like classic Maine, with lobster boats out on the water.

6. The Big Island of Hawaii. If you want cool backgrounds of tropical rainforests, you should look no farther than Hawaii. You can find some very interesting pictures of the cooled lava rock, which is so black that it almost looks unreal. There are also traditional backgrounds of palm trees and surfers.

7. Mars. Who says you have to pick places on Earth to find cool backgrounds? There are some terrific pictures of Mars floating around, both those from the recent Mars Rover and those taken by satellites. This red planet has always drawn people’s attention, and it still does to this day.



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