7 Impressive Examples of Cross Tattoos

3d cross

As one of the most beloved body art designs, the basic four-armed cross remains the leading foundation upon which to base stunning cross tattoos and flash designs. No other design ranks as high in popularity as this endearing and ancient piece of worldwide symbolism. If you think that cross tattoos only serve to symbolize the Christian religion, it’s time to adjust your thinking. While it’s true that crosses remain part of Christian religious symbolism, their overall history also includes additional symbolic representations such as:

“¢ Protection and safety symbols of pre-Colombian America and the Scandinavian Bronze Age.
“¢ Symbols of profit, positivity and well-being in the East, Europe, and North America.
“¢ A symbol of regeneration as seen in Ancient Egypt‘s depictions of the hieroglyphic ankh.
“¢ Over 3000 years ago, simple crosses symbolized healing and health for ancient Greeks as they do today for the Red Cross.

If you are interested in adding a cross to your body art, browse these examples of stunning cross tattoos.

Cross Against a Winged Background

Both beautiful and meaningful, this is one of the best cross tattoos to represent spiritualism regardless of the wearer‘s religious affiliations. It will look great across the shoulders or nestled into the lower back.

winged cross
Winged Cross

In Memory of a Lost Loved One

Many people choose cross tattoos as the foundation for a beautiful memorial dedicated to a loved one. Accents for this type of cross tattoo can be as varied as the wearer likes and might include elements of the deceased loved-one‘s personality.

Memorial Tattoo

A Cross Tattoo Fit for a Lady

The essence of feminism, this stunning cross looks dainty and beautiful draped across the foot but will also work well on a shoulder or an arm. The inclusion of a delicate floral chain makes this one of the prettiest cross tattoos a woman can wear.


Stunning Cross Tattoo

Combine a Cross with a Fierce Symbol

Cross tattoos that feature additional elements like this cross and dragon image can represent a variety of personality traits. This works especially well for men and even for strong women.

dragon cross-tattoo
Combine Cross Tattoo

Check Out this Large Celtic Cross Tattoo for the Back

Nothing says bold like a Celtic cross that sweeps across the entire expanse of the back. This powerful example features intricate swirls and sheer angles wrapped delicately around a long thin dagger.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

Traditional Tribal Cross Tattoo

It‘s impossible to talk about cross tattoos without including at least one example of a tribal cross. Tribal cross tattoos are some of the most popular designs and appeal to both men and women alike.

Tribal Cross Tattoo

Jesus on a 3D Cross Tattoo

If you are confident about and proud of your faith in Christianity, a bold cross in 2D with Jesus might be perfect for you. This one is prominent on a back but it would work equally as well on the shoulder, chest or even a leg.

3d cross
3D Cross Tattoo



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