25 Gel Nail Designs


Often preferred over acrylic nails due to their long-lasting durability, gel nail designs are beautifully glossy and extremely popular. Whether you are looking for nails that won’t soon have to be re-done, or nails that simply won’t chip, gel nails are certainly a great choice. In addition to their rather long lifespan and amazing durability, gel nails are also incredibly smooth, making them great for any occasion.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t normally paint your nails, gel nail designs can be a fun hobby and way to stay busy. In fact, some people who paint their own gel nail designs, simply do so to pass the time, and rarely wear their designs out in public.

1. Pink Glitter

A very common choice for obvious reasons.

Pink Glitter

2. Black and White

Though it is rather simplistic, this black and white gel nail design looks great and is easy to implement.

Black and White

3. Nude

Nude is another nail design color that has become rather popular. This color/shade can be found just about anywhere, and is worn by many different people.

Nude Nails

4. Silver Sparkle

If you really want your nails to stand out, why not try these silver sparkle gel nails?

Silver Sparkle

5. Gold Sparkle

Great for almost any occasion, these gold sparkle gel nail designs are bound to grab peoples’ attention.

Gold Sparkle

6. Dark Blue

Blue’s most popular shade.

Dark Blue

7. This Amazing Gunmetal Grey

Not only has the gunmetal grey color become more popular on cars, it has become more popular on many women’s’ nails too.

Perhaps due to the fact that so many people now drive around gunmetal grey vehicles, a lot more people are painting their nails this color.

Gunmetal Grey

8. Flat Black

A great variation of black, flat black!

Flat Black

9. Striped

Though it looks rather complex, striped gel nail designs are rather easy to implement, even with little nail painting experience of your own.


10. Candy Cane

Great for the holiday season, especially Christmas parties.

Candy Cane

11. Dark Purple

Another popular color that comes in many different styles.

Dark Purple

12. Hot Pink

If you love the color pink, but have worn out the shade you have and are looking for a slight variation, then hot pink is a great choice for you.

Hot Pink

13. All White Sparkle

Somewhat similar to the silver sparkle, white sparkle gel nail designs are becoming rather popular.

White Sparkle

14. Pink with An Owl

For fans of owls, and the color pink. This gel nail design can be difficult to implement, but it looks incredible.

Pink Owl

15. This Nice Beige Color

Somewhat similar to the nude nail designs, but just a shade or two darker.


16. Mint Chocolate Chip Green

Reminiscent of (and almost better than) mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Mint Chocolate Chip

17. Silver Sparkle and Pink

Though it is a rather unusual color combination, silver and pink look great together. Especially when the silver is sparkling.

Silver Sparkle and Pink

18. Purple Sparkle

With a high level of attention to detail, purple sparkle gel nails can be worn as well.

Purple Sparkle

19. Bright Orange Ombre

Some gel nails that really stick out and are very unique, bright orange ombre!

Orange Ombre

20. This Awesome Beach Design

Rather difficult to do on your own, but definitely worth the time and effort.

Beach Design

21. Black and Blue

Black and blue looks great as well. It is subtle, and can be worn on almost any occasion.

Black and Blue

22. Red, White, and Blue

Some very American and patriotic gel nails. Great for fourth of July parties specifically!

Red, White, and Blue

23. Polka Dot 

Proven by this picture, sometimes the simplest ideas look the best, especially with gel nail designs.

Polka Dot

24. Plaid

You will certainly need to be focused in order to pull off this design.


25. Smiley Face

Perhaps the happiest design on the entire list.

Smiley Face


Whether you are going for something subtle, intricate, or original, the list above should certainly help give you some ideas. Not only are gel nail designs becoming more and more popular every day, but they are easy to find, and can be purchased online through many different websites.


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