20 Unique Dream Catcher Tattoos


Dream catchers are one of the most recognized Native American items. These beautiful and mystical items were traditionally made by weaving animal sinew into an intricate web inside of a hoop made from a willow branch. Dream catchers were also usually decorated with beads and dangling feathers before being hung above where a person sleeps. Legend has it that the intricate web helps filter bad dreams and keep them from disturbing a person’s slumber. The good dreams pass through the hole in the center of the web and slide down the feathers onto the sleeper.

Dream catchers are still popular items today for both Native Americans and non-Natives. Restless sleepers still hang them above their beds in hopes that the bad dreams will be kept at bay.

It’s not a wonder that some people even choose to adorn themselves with dream catcher tattoos. Not only are these beautiful works of art on their own, but there aren’t many other symbols with the power of the dream catcher.

Before taking the plunge on a permanent piece of body art, it’s a good idea to take a look at several dream catcher tattoos. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded u some of the most breathtaking and unique dream catcher tattoos for a little inspiration! Let’s get started…

1.  Dream Catcher Tattoo Between the Shoulder Blades

The back is a popular place to put dream catcher tattoos. It’s a large area, big enough for detailed dream catcher tattoos, and relatively flat. This dream catcher tattoo was placed between the shoulder blades, and it includes birds in flight as well as traditional dream catcher adornments.

unique dream catcher tattoosCuded.com

2.  Dream Catcher Tattoos on the Feet

If you’re looking for a unique placement for dream catcher tattoos, take a look at this example. It has two dream catcher tattoos, one on each foot.

unique dream catcher tattoosZesty Fashion

3.  Blown Away Dream Catcher Wrist Tattoo

This dream catcher tattoo is located in the inside of the wrist. Part of the dream catcher looks as if it’s blowing away in the wind, and the word “Dream” is spelled out with part of the dream catcher as the first letter. It’s definitely one of the more unique dream catcher tattoos out there!

unique dream catcher tattoosBuzznet

4.  Dream Catcher Tattoo Under the Arm

Dream catcher tattoos are often placed under one arm on the ribs. Here’s a nice example of this placement and how it looks.

unique dream catcher tattoosLiving Young & Wild & Free

5.  Dream Catcher Tattoo Behind the Ear

This behind the ear tattoo is another amazing example of a unique placement for dream catcher tattoos! Tucked away behind the ear, this tattoo peeks out when the hair is pulled back or up.

unique dream catcher tattoosCuded.com

6.  Dream Catcher Tattoo With a Quote

You can also pair quotes with dream catcher tattoos, like the rib tattoo pictured below.

unique dream catcher tattoosYouQueen

7.  Heart Shaped Dream Catcher Tattoo

Traditional dream catchers are circular in shape. However, they don’t have to be, and this heart shaped dream catcher tattoo is a nice cute deviation from the norm.

unique dream catcher tattoosPretty Designs

8.  Small Dream Catcher Tattoo

Small dream catcher tattoos can be tucked away nearly anywhere n the body. This little beauty is located on the ribs, but it would look just as good on the shoulder, ankle, wrist, or arm.

unique dream catcher tattoosTumblr – Polyvore

9.  Dream Catcher Tattoos for the Dreamers

Are there any dreamers among us? This cute little dreamer wrist tattoo might just be the perfect fit for you!

unique dream catcher tattoosBuzznet


10.  Dream Catcher Tattoos With Blue Feathers  

You can get a dream catcher tattoo design with just about any color of the rainbow. The feathers in this dream catcher tattoo, for instance, are a beautiful blue color.

unique dream catcher tattoosCuded.com

11.  Dream Catcher Tattoos With Red Feathers

And, here we have a dream catcher tattoo with red feathers and blue beads. Another super pretty option!

unique dream catcher tattoosWomenTattoosDesign.com

12.  Matching Dream Catcher Tattoos

Are you and a loved one considering matching tattoos? A pair of matching dream catcher tattoos is a great way to symbolize your loving bond! This couple has their matching dream catcher tattoos on the chest and the shoulder, but they can be placed nearly anywhere.

unique dream catcher tattoosTattoo-Models.net

13.  Dream Catcher Tattoo With Native American Woman

Tattoo artists can incorporate just about any element into most dream catcher tattoos. This tattoo, for instance, has an image of a Native American woman wrapped in a blanket. It would be a good option for either a man or a woman.

unique dream catcher tattoosTattoo 4 Me

14.  Wolf Dream Catcher Tattoo

If wolves hod a special meaning for you, this wolf dream catcher tattoo could be a goo option! The detail in it is amazing, and the two elements are integrated seamlessly.

unique dream catcher tattoosCuded

15.  Lower Back Dream Catcher Tribal Tattoo

Lower back tattoos on women are sexy and feminine. This lower back dream catcher tattoo also has tribal designs on each side.

unique dream catcher tattoosCreativeFan

16.  Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo is sweet and feminine. But, it’s also powerful and amazing when paired with a dream catcher tattoo!

unique dream catcher tattoosTattooArtists.org

17.  Dream Catcher Compass Tattoo

Never lose your way with this dream catcher compass tattoo!

unique dream catcher tattoosTattooSet.com

18.  Roses and Dream Catcher Tattoo

Feminine dream catcher tattoos are great options for women. This dream catcher tattoo has pretty red roses, as well as beads, feathers, and red ribbons.

unique dream catcher tattoosTattooBite.com

19.  Barbed Wire Dream Catcher Arm Tattoo

Dream catcher tattoos for men, on the other hand should have more masculine elements. This barbed wire dream catcher tattoo is manly and meaningful.

unique dream catcher tattoosTattooSet.com

20.  Owl Dream Catcher Tattoos

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative when coming up with dream catcher tattoo designs! This owl dream catcher tattoo is a bit of an optical illusion, making it even more unique and interesting! The ow’s eyes are the main parts of two dream catchers and the feathers and beads make up the owl’s body.

unique dream catcher tattoosRebel Circus

Hopefully you enjoyed these beautiful and unique dream catcher tattoos. I know I had a ton of fun collecting them!

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