20 Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cupboards and Walls


Painting kitchen cupboards and walls is a quick and cost effective way to completely change the look of your kitchen. Sometimes adding nothing more than a few coats of paint is all it takes to transform a kitchen from outdated and dull to chic and vibrant!

Choosing your new kitchen paint colors is probably the hardest part of the process. Classic white is very common in kitchens, but to some, it can also be rather boring. Neutrals, like beige, are also usually safe bets, but even those can fall short. If you’re really looking for a unique kitchen paint scheme, take a look at the ideas below for some amazing inspiration!

1. All White Kitchen

An all white kitchen can really brighten up a space and make it appear much larger. Painting kitchen cabinets white alone can make a huge difference, but painting kitchen walls white or off-white can really transform a kitchen completely!

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2. Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

If you’re going for a chic and sophisticated look for your kitchen, painting kitchen cabinets black can really make an impact. To keep this from making a kitchen too dark, though, stick with light colors for the walls, countertops, and trim.

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3. Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets a dark color besides black can also create the sophisticated and chic ambiance you want, without being too harsh or gloomy. This dark gray-blue color, for instance, helps break up this large kitchen.

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4. Red Kitchen Walls

Need to liven up your kitchen? Add some warm energy with some deep red walls.

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5. Red Kitchen Cupboards

Craving color? Try painting kitchen cupboards a bright color, like bright red. To keep it from being too overwhelming or hard on the eyes, stick to light neutrals for the rest of the room.

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6. Orange Kitchen Walls

If you’re the type to think outside of the box, try orange for your kitchen walls. It’s cheery and energizing!

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7. Yellow Kitchen Accent Wall

Yellow is also a bright, cheery color for your kitchen! If painting kitchen cupboards or walls completely yellow is a bit too much for you, consider painting just one wall for a bright accent wall.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

8. White and Yellow Kitchen Cupboards

Working yellow into your kitchen decor doesn’t have to be hard. This designer accomplished it by painting kitchen cupboards with a little yellow accent paint around the raised panels.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

9. Green Kitchen Walls

These green kitchen walls add a nice bright pop of color! This color also has a nice airy and fresh feel to it.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

10. Sage Green Kitchen Cupboards

You can also get your green fix by painting kitchen cabinets with a subtle sage color. It’s a slightly more subdued green hue and lends a nice country feel to this kitchen.


painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

11. Mint Green Kitchen

This mint green hue is light and airy, perfect for a large kitchen. The white and gray walls, trim, and floor also balances out the bright hue well.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

12. Bright Blue Kitchen

A bright blue hue on kitchen walls creates a bright and open feel in this kitchen. Painting kitchen cupboards with an off-white hue pairs nicely with this color and prevents the blue from being too overwhelming.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

13. Dusky Blue Kitchen Cupboards

Is the blue kitchen above a little too bright and airy for you? Painting kitchen cabinets or walls a duskier blue hue might be a better option.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

14. Purple Kitchen Cabinets

You just don’t see enough purple kitchens these days! Why is that when they clearly look amazing!

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

15. Dark Purple Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets a deep, dark purple hue creates a sophisticated look with a nice pop of color. It’s also a pretty unique and unusual kitchen design!

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

16. Green and White Kitchen Cupboards

Who says you have to paint kitchen cupboards all the same color? These mismatched green and white kitchen cupboards aren’t so mismatched and tie together quite well.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

17. Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for a truly colorful kitchen? Try painting kitchen cabinets and walls several different bright colors; in this case, blue, yellow and green.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

18. Geometric Pattern Kitchen Cupboards

Use painter’s tape to create a fun and crazy geometric design on kitchen cupboards for an amazing kitchen to wow your guests!

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

19. Rainbow Kitchen Cupboards

When you really need a color fix, rainbow kitchen cupboards might be the answer! Just paint the center of each kitchen cupboard a different bright color and choose one bright color for the wall. The stark white trim in this kitchen helps break up this explosion of color.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

20. Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

Painting kitchen walls or cupboards for a fun and functional look. This wall can become a message center, recipe holder, and art corner.

painting kitchen cabinetsImage Source

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