15 Unique Rock Painting Design Ideas


Believe it or not, painting rocks is a hobby for many, and is said to be rather enjoyable. If you’re one who has already indulged in the hobby yourself, then the designs below should give you some new ideas, however, if you are new to the rock painting design world, then the list below should help introduce some of the many different styles to you.

Though a lot of the same rock designs are recreated on a regular basis, new painting patterns are thought of quite frequently. Thinking up new ideas is a great way to keep yourself busy, and some people even put the rocks in their gardens or along the outside of their house to give it a unique look.

Below is a list of 15 unique rock painting design ideas, aimed at giving veteran rock painters some new patterns to work with, and also introducing the hobby to newcomers, interested in painting some rocks of their own.

1. A Cat, Surrounded By Flowers, Staring Into The Moon

Cat designs are very popular amongst rock painting enthusiasts. In order to add some originality to this design, the cat is surrounded by flowers, and staring right into the moon.

A Cat, Surrounded By Flowers, Staring Into The Moon

2. This Duck Rock

Another rather popular painted rock design, the duck! Not much additional imagery with this one, however, it does appear at first glance to be an actual duck.

Duck Rock

3. Food Rocks

Fool your friends with some nice, well painted food rocks. Just make sure they don’t try to eat them..

Food Rocks

4. These Fish and Water Related Rocks

A great choice for those who like to fish, and fans of the open sea!

These Fish and Water Related Rocks

5. Some Nice and Shiny Heart Painted Rocks

Make these ones on Valentine’s Day for your significant other, or just have them around the house to make you feel loved.

Some Nice and Shiny Heart Painted Rocks

6. These Neat Bumble Bee Rocks

A great rock painting design project for couples.

Neat Bumble Bee Rocks

7. An Owl Rock

A very realistic looking owl rock. Though it is a great design, you may need to be rather skilled to pull this one off.

Owl Rock

8. Some Neat Turtle and Rabbit Rocks


Some more designs that are rather difficult to pull off, but highly worth it. Also great for scaring small critters out of your yard!

Some Neat Turtle and Rabbit Rocks

9. These Little Minion Rocks

Minion rocks are a huge hit with Disney move fans, and (as seen below) are also great to play tic-tac-toe with.

Little Minion Rocks

10. These Realistic Bird Rocks

Proven below, there are a lot of different bird designs to choose from when painting rocks.

Realistic Bird Rocks

11. Some Cool Christmas Rocks

The baby Jesus, Santa Claus, snowmen and more. Since Christmas just happened, you have almost a whole year for these ones.

Some Cool Christmas Rocks

12. Mandala Rock Design

Only for the most skilled rock artists!

Mandala Rock Designs

13. These Neat Tree Of Life Rock Designs

Meaningful to many people, these tree of life rock designs are a great reminder to “love life.”

Neat Tree Of Life Rock Designs

14. Another Great Flower Rock

Another one of the many different flower rock variations, the blue frozen flower rock.

Another Great Flower Rock

15. This Colorful Rock Design Collection

After a while of painting rocks, you can build up a rather nice collection. Many ideas can be obtained by this one picture.

Colorful Rock Design Collection


Now, go find some rocks, paint, and brushes of your own, because whether you plan to copy some of the ideas above, or use them as a basis to come up with your own, you’re bound to have a good time with it.


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