15 Gorgeous Green Bedrooms


Green bedrooms create a calm and peaceful environment. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone who may have trouble sleeping at night, since softer shades of green are typically very soothing. In addition, green is also a fresh and natural color that’s generally very easy on the eyes. Because of this, green is a great color choice for bedrooms for people who need to wake up feeling refreshed as well as people who spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms for other activities.

There are so many shades of green to choose from, though. Most people opt for lighter green bedrooms, which have a light and airy feel to them during the day. However, dark green bedrooms can look very rich and luxurious, especially when paired with dark toned wood. There are also cool and warm green tones to choose from. The final green hue you choose will depend on your personal style and taste.

People with green bedrooms also have a wide range of choices when choosing accent colors. White accents in a green bedroom can give the room a lighter airier look, while black accents give the room a trendier look. A wide range of other colors can also be used to accent green bedrooms, including blue, yellow, brown, and pink.

If you’re looking for ideas for your own green bedroom, check out some of these green bedrooms…

1. Gray-Green Bedroom

A dusky shade of light green keeps this bedroom light airy, and natural without being too bright.

green bedroomsImage Source

2. Vintage Green Bedroom

Lighter shades of sage green look beautiful with vintage-like accents, like this distressed window frame and sepia portrait. Add a distressed furniture, like this side table and headboard, to complete the look.

green bedroomsImage Source

3. Bright Light Green

Bright green bedrooms are also totally doable. To keep it a little more low key, though, stick to a lighter shade of bright green.

green bedroomsImage Source

4. Cool Green Bedroom Walls

Green bedrooms with cooler shades of green are particularly serene and relaxing!

green bedroomsImage Source

5. White and Light Green Bedroom

White accents in light green bedrooms help brighten up the space during the day.

green bedroomsImage Source

6. Green Bedroom With Green Accents

Here’s a great example of how you can accent green bedrooms with different shades of the same color. The warm green tones in the lamp shades, comforter, and window shades compliment the cool green walls beautifully!

green bedroomsImage Source

7. Striped Green Bedroom

Green and white stripes on a bedroom wall look chic and stylish. The pink accents also add fun pops of color all over the room!


green bedroomsImage Source

8. Green and Brown Bedroom

Brown accents can really tone down bright green bedroom walls in a fantastic way!

green bedroomsImage Source

9. Mint Green Bedroom

A cool mint green on the walls of this bedroom makes it a serene and restful retreat.

green bedroomsImage Source

10. Two Tone Green Bedroom

Green bedrooms don’t have to include just one shade of green paint. A darker shade on one accent wall with lighter shades of green on the surrounding walls can create the illusion of depth in any room.

green bedroomsImage Source

11. Olive Green Bedroom

For a more natural feel, an olive green bedroom might be the perfect choice, especially when accented with dark wood furniture!

green bedroomsImage Source

12. Dark Green Accent Wall

If dark green bedrooms make you go ga-ga but you don’t want to officially take the plunge, consider just painting one wall dark green as an accent wall.

green bedroomsImage Source

13. Green Bedroom With White Wainscoting

The bright white wainscoting really helps break up a dark green bedroom wall.

green bedroomsImage Source

14. Dark Green Bedroom

Dark green walls and dark green ceilings in green bedrooms can feel either dreary or restful, depending on how you look at it. But, this dark green bedroom—to me—feels rich and luxurious!

green bedroomsImage Source

15. Green Accents in a Cream Bedroom

If you love the thought of green bedrooms but just can’t take the plunge with paint, you can have the best of both world by adding lots of green accents! It requires less work, and it’s easier to change when you want!

green bedroomsImage Source

Green bedrooms can be truly serene and restful spaces. Finding the right shade and hue of green, though, can be a bit tricky. be sure to get several paint sample cards and examine them in your bedroom. More often than not, the colors on the paint sample cards won’t look the same in the paint store as they do in your room due to lighting.

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