14 Whimsical Fairy Tattoo Design Ideas


Fairies are complicated little sprites from ancient folklore and legends. These little mythical beings are usually depicted as small, beautiful little creatures with gossamer wings. Fluttering around the forest, they spend their days and nights causing mischief, granting wishes, and spreading fairy dust. As adorable as they are, it’s not a wonder that so many women covet a cute little fairy tattoo design!

Fairy tattoos are fun and whimsical designs. Since most fairies are depicted as females, they’re also perfectly feminine tattoos for women! If you’re thinking of getting your own fairy tattoo, you have almost unlimited options to choose from! Fairy designs can be fun, flirty, colorful, dark, somber, and even a little frightening. Check out some of these awesome fairy tattoos for a little inspiration!

1. Fire Fairy Tattoo

Those with a fiery personality can appreciate a fairy tattoo designed to look as though she’s clad in licking flames!

fairy tattooImage Source

2. Fairy on the Moon Tattoo

This whimsical fairy tattoo design shows a delicate little fairy perched on the moon.

fairy tattooImage Source

3. Believe Fairy Tattoo Design

The word “believe” intertwines nicely into this fairy tattoo design.

fairy tattooImage Source

4. Flowers and Fairy Shoulder Tattoo

Flowers just seem to be rather fitting in a fairy tattoo design, and this shoulder tattoo is quite adorable!

fairy tattooImage Source

5. Sexy Black and Red Fairy Tattoo

This sexy little fairy is clad in black and frolicking among some bright red roses.

fairy tattooImage Source

6. Full Back Fairy Tattoo

A huge fairy tattoo completely covers this woman’s back and looks absolutely stunning, even in black and gray!

fairy tattooImage Source

7. Butterfly Wing Fairy Tattoo

The wings in this fairy tattoo design look like the wings of another fluttering creature—the butterfly.


fairy tattooImage Source

8. Punk Rock Fairy Tattoo

Funky little punk rock fairies do exist, and this awesome tattoo design captures that idea nicely!

fairy tattooImage Source

9. Fairy and Skull Tattoo Design

The little skull in this feminine little fairy tattoo is an unexpected but intriguing addition!

fairy tattooImage Source

10. Detailed Fairy Tattoo

The color and detail in this amazing fairy tattoo is simply exquisite!

fairy tattooImage Source

11. Pink Fairy Leg Tattoo

A feminine pink and purple fairy tattoo looks sweet and pretty on a woman’s calf.

fairy tattooImage Source

12. Large Lower Back Fairy Tattoo

Fairies are popular lower back tattoos for women, and this large lower back tattoo is quite fetching!

fairy tattooImage Source

13. Blue Fairy Side Tattoo

Blue gossamer wings and robes are sweet and gorgeous in this fairy tattoo on the side.

fairy tattooImage Source

14. Sparkling Fairy Tattoo

A little sparkle and some dragonflies add a gorgeous whimsical touch to this fairy shoulder tattoo.

fairy tattooImage Source

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