13 Beautiful Red Painted Fingernail Pictures


These days, women are going to nail salons, or buying nail art kits, and doing their nails in all kinds of fun and crazy ways with plenty of decorations and sparkle. However, some women prefer to hae a more classic look when they do their nails, and we have gathered up pictures of 13 Beautiful Red Painted Nails. Not convinced that red nails can be fun? Well let’s have a look!

We promise you that once you get a gander at these gorgeous red nails, you’ll have a new appreciation for plainer nails done in all of the different beautiful shades of red! So, let’s get started!

Red Nails 1

Look at this lovely hand painted in a beautiful shade of fire engine red! Though there are no decorations on these red nails, they are still shiny and beautiful!

Red Nails 1Red Nails 1

Red Nails 2

Now, some people may look at these nails and say that this is not red, but maroon or burgundy. However, the fact is that red can come in various shades on the color chart, and these nails are still gorgeous.

Red Nails 2Red Nails 2

Red Nails 3

Now, this shade of red is not as dark as the fire engine red or the burgundy, but it is still a plain color that looks fabulous.

Red Nails 3Red Nails 3

Red Nails 4

Red nails can use some sprucing up, and these nails are decorated with some white and a single jewel on every nail! What do you think of them?

Red Nails 4Red Nails 4

Red Nails 5

Now, with a little black and white, plain red nails can be turned into adorable lady bug fingernails. Though this may seem like something for a little girl, the truth is they look just as good on adult hands.

Red Nails 5Red Nails 5

Red Nails 6

If you do not like the lady bug look, you can use the black to make some nice cool streaks across the fingernails, and a jewel can add just the right amount of sparkle.

Red Nails 6Red Nails 6

Red Nails 7

Red, black, and silver nail polish can really make nails look like a woman spent all day at a nail salon! What do you all think of these fancy nails?


Red Nails 7Red Nails 7

Red Nails 8

These red nails are pretty unusual because they have white question marks on the sides, but also the nails themselves are outlined in black!

Red Nails 8Red Nails 8

Red Nails 9

Some women get tips put on their nails, and with black and white nail polish, these nails look like they are half red, but have black tips put on the ends.

Red Nails 9Red Nails 9

Red Nails 10

Every single nail can be given its own sense of style, and these nails are absolutely gorgeous and very unique.

Red Nails 10Red Nails 10

Red Nails 11

White nail polish can be used at the same time with red, and together, the two colors can be used to make fun nails of two different colors with matching polka dots.

Red Nails 11Red Nails 11

Red Nails 12

Red is often associated with hot and spicy, and these red nails have tiny black corsets painted on them! Talk about some fun, fancy, and sexy nails!

Red Nails 12Red Nails 12

Red Nails 13

These nails have some white added to the ends of the nails, and the color really stands out with the white tips, don’t you all agree?

Red Nails 13Red Nails 13

So, how did you like the red nails? Do you now feel the need to go do your nails with red polish? If you want to tell us how you feel about this list, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list, we have links to even more lists below. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page (and exciting list) in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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