10 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for Music Websites


If you are a musician, or trying to get into the music industry, nothing is more important than building a viable web presence. The days of old-school promotion are over and offering things like exclusive content, downloads and other extras through Facebook, Twitter and your own website is the best way to build a fan-base.

If you want to get a jump start on the competition, you should consider installing one of the best free WordPress themes specifically designed for those in the music industry. These themes make concert announcements, streaming audio/video and photo uploads easier than ever. They also feature cool designs that make sharing through social media a snap. This is a list of the best free wordpress themes for music websites.


If you are a musician who is into detailed organization, Metric is the best free premium WordPress theme for you. It gives you several, easy-to-use navigation options and filters everything else on your homepage into an easy to read grid system.

Tuned Balloon

The free WordPress theme gives you a really cool design that harkens back to an old Texas roadhouse or an early recording studio. Display a prominent picture under the header and navigation, then place info at the bottom of the screen.

Iron Band

This free premium WordPress theme is perfect if you are an electronic or club DJ looking for a sleek, yet dangerous design. The white content areas and bold typography hit well against the smoky purple background.

Iron Band1
Iron Band

Brooklyn Indie Band

If you want to promote your band in a town that is known for having many shows going on on a single night, check out Brooklyn Indie Band. It uses faded filters and cool fonts to help you stand out as an artist.



This is a great WordPress theme to use if you are a somewhat established band looking to move some merchandise. It is very responsive on mobile devices and gives you options for widgets that allow for immediate playback of your content.


This is a very minimalistic WordPress theme that features a cool design that is perfect for promoters looking to get people into a venue. Promote several bands on the bottom of the screen and feature a single artist who you are looking to sell at the top of the page.



While it may sound quiet, Acoustic is a great free WordPress theme to use if you are promoting an electronic act in a club. It is simple and allows for loud party pictures to be displayed prominently.


RockWall is a true grid free premium WordPress theme that is perfect for music bloggers or photographers looking to gain attention from major publications.

Nite Pop

This is another free premium WordPress theme that is perfect for those looking to promote in loud clubs. The background of Nite Pop is loud, but the content boxes are easy to read and full of useful widgets.


Clubber has everything you need in a WordPress theme. Pictures, widgets, prominent news displays as well as a calendar for promoting upcoming shows.



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