10 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for Mommy Blogs

Modern Blogger

If you are a mom looking to share your parenting experience, your opinions on popular culture, or just looking for a new way to make money through affiliates, then you should probably start a mommy blog. Don’t know how to start a blog? No worries. Some of the best free WordPress themes go great with the style and tone of mommy blogs found all over the blogosphere. Take your pick from cool designs that are chic and modern to ones that are more kid-friendly and cutesy. Just remember that when you unlock the power of the best free premium WordPress themes, you get a chance to grow and develop your voice and online presence.This is a listing of the best free wordpress themes for mommy blogs.


If you are a mommy blogger looking for a cool design for your cooking/recipe website, Handmade is the best. It gives you ample room to display pictures of your food and allows you to tag your different recipes and concoctions into different meals and other categories.

Mommy & Me

This theme uses an elegant header, prominent social media links, a slideshow for links and a list of blog entries that makes your mommy blog look professional and stylish at the same time.

Vintage Child

Get your message across clear and loud with Vintage Child. This is one of the best free WordPress themes if you have a lot of photos that you want to display up front as soon as possible.

Vintage Child1
Vintage Child


For mommy bloggers with a penchant for fashion, Style is a great way to show off what you are wearing this season. The minimalist top navigation menu leads to a large space to display a picture, which then leads to a grid to display images for links.


Fabric is one of the best free WordPress themes if you want a warm, elegant feel for your musings. The background colors and fonts are completely customizable and allow you maximum control over your settings with minimal effort.


Luscious Theme

If you have a text-dense mommy blog, Luscious Theme is the best way to show off your prose skills. It gives you small space for a header and navigation, a sidebar with your info, recent posts and tags, and a large portion of space for your actual content.

Luscious Theme
Luscious Theme

WordPress Mom

The free premium WordPress theme is basic and gets down to business as quickly as possible. Use this cool design if you are just getting started with WordPress or if you have another website you prefer using, but want to increase your web presence.

Modern Blogger

This excellent WordPress theme gives you a colorful and cool style with additional widgets that are perfect for customization.

Modern Blogger
Modern Blogger

Pure Elegance

Pure Elegance is perfect for mommy bloggers who romanticize every thing they do. The grey textured background and the calligraphic fonts give this free premium WordPress theme a feeling of wistfulness and nostalgia.

Bee Crafty

This is a great WordPress theme that uses both responsive design and cartoony graphics that make your content approachable and fun.


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